enlarged garbage – ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥

artist: enlarged garbage
title: ♥ HOLY DEATH ♥
keywords: hip hop hip-hop/rap beats lofi weird Virginia

Within a time frame of 9 minutes enlarged garbage sets the mood of laid back chilling hip-hop. The beats presented might be super sleek and tight, but like the rest of the sounds that surrounds them they are completely dipped in an outside layer of muffled age. The sound is as if it’s material that has been originally recorded on analogue material that is ready to hit the expiry date.

Luckily that enlarged garbage had saved it from potential decay and brought it to our ears like a smooth mixture as ‘♥ HOLY DEATH ♥’. The track is not one boring exposure; it’s like a mixtape, bringing a whole batch of these lazy hazy sounding wordless hip-hop grooves that are as fuzzy as they are warm. In the middle of these exposures some voice would say something to make up for the lack of raps in these rap-worthy snippets.

Personally I think this material is easy to be heard on repeat, setting a nice mood to smoke or eat a carrot (in case you don’t smoke). No disturbing or annoying moments are included, making it a smooth patch for easy listening. We all should be glad that ‘enlarged garbage’ didn’t toss this away!

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