Sertax – What Happened To Us EP

artist: Sertax
title: What Happened To Us EP
keywords: acid ambient experimental Port Talbot
label: Transmos Records

What Happend To Us? well here at the YIKIS office we all got a bit enthousiatic! You know, like a kid on its birthday ready to unravel the presents of dissapointment, but this time its actually something we liked! And then there was another present inside the present and another one, and another… our enthousiasm didn’t know no more ends!

But no, this isn’t our birthday and this is actually not really a touchable present filled with presents; this is just a case of adrenaline and enthusiasm when the office got introduced by this very fine original release. Something that just kept on giving & the whole crew got enthusiastic about. Even the toilet cleaner came out with a thumb up sign surrounded by an oversized rubber glove! Let me talk to you about from my personal point of view…

This EP was and is the first time my ears had been exposed to the music of Sertax & damn considering that it was a collection of unexpected surprises I can only hope more like this would come our ways. I couldn’t wait to share this material with you (showers have to wait!) so excuse my hasty but enthusiastic writing!

This release is of such a kind that it seems like it is packed with so many out of the blue music bits that you’ll probably be like me, falling from one original bit into another. It’s not a mixture of different tracks, but totally outside the box kind of material. And it will possible rock and blows your mind with things that are impossible to expect.

It’s as experimental as it can get, without the whole avant-garde intellectual chin stroking part. It’s quite bizarre perhaps as the material goes for such unexpected twists and corners that it’s difficult not to be flabbergasted by its originality. One moment you will be hearing ambient kind of material, singing, pretty stuff and then garage two step strangeness with beats, vocals, strange outsider audio arts with lo-fi spookiness and warmth + Beautiful and haunting audio collages with piano tones.

It’s really difficult to put your finger onto it, but it’s like listening to a pot of genres all mixed up but not too mixed up, generating something completely new. I might have been living under a rock if there is actual more artists like Sertax around, but this stuff blows my mind! It’s like opening a birthday gift that keeps on giving unexpected gifts. It’s beautiful, crazy, fun, serious, idiotic, smart, and original and I like it! Will you like it too? Check this weirdness out at the following link:

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