Gorilla Complex – Welcome to the Bass Jungle

Artist: Gorilla Complex
title: Welcome to the Bass Jungle
keywords: Bass House, electronic, dance
on the web: https://www.facebook.com/gorillacomplex/

‘It’s a jungle out there!’ But with rapid slaughter of the jungle known from the born human, raised by monkeys ‘Mowgli’ adventures, we might have to look a bit closer to our civilization for another kind of Jungle: The urban one!

There might not be the gigantic trees that Tarzan and Jane like to swing around from, but it’s a jungle nonetheless: A busy place with cars as group mammals, buildings as forest manifestations, concrete streets instead of an overgrown network of leg busting bushes and branches.

Bed bugs, rats and roaches are the feared mini enemies over here, city birds our frenemies. Loud city sounds of advertisements will overhaul the sound of even the loudest lion. Humans are everywhere roaming this jungle, all in survivor mode – jumping from one interacting jungle scene into another.

Deep within this jungle, somewhere from the darker parts of the city of London; a louder than loud junglist has raised itself. With a chest all pumped up and two fists strongly banging on his rock hard muscles, he let this jungle know that it’s his time now! He welcomes you to a new era of club music! And makes sure it will never fade away!

This is Gorilla Complex, a feared and beloved unbreakable fixture in the urban jungle landscape. Finally (with years of devotional practice) he is ready to go out and break things. (Mostly speakers!) like a slingshot Gorilla Complex just launched its first single out and in the open; a to the point loud call of deep bass and solid beats that would instantly boil up the animal instincts of the urban jungle inhabitants, a trigger unlike any buzz or fragrance.

The testosterone filled baselines are like big balls banging in the face & the baselines that they form are subtle at first, but remorseless towards the end. Nobody will be able to avoid the tight bombastic sound of this bass jungle by Gorilla Complex.

Like a gigantic Godzilla the sound of GC will climb up the cities’ biggest landmarks, spreads itself around like a dark cloud over the mystified Britons and other disorientated jungle inhabitants. Gorilla Complex’s sound will probably eat you, unless you dance, then Gorilla Complex might simply provide you with more reasons to do so!

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