Sona Nyl – Refugee

artist: Sona Nyl
Title: Refugee
Keywords: electronic, New York
label: Hexx 9 records
on the web:

ITutta La Sua Gloria (act I) is coming across like a neo-classical composition solidly playing with the tension of strings. The emotion that is generated is as exciting as it’s dramatic; creating a one minute introduction that leaves a lot to guess for: How will this album evolve and which direction it will lead?

I guess it goes for the more cinematic kind of sound and music production, setting up different chapters that would be easily implanted in movies with a medieval apocalyptic theme. The first big track of this kind is ‘Abyssa’ which has a nice mélange of lonely warrior drums and dramatized synthetic strings for slight rigor of purposes.

The False Rejected Self-perception In Three Acts (I : Paranoia – II : Pain Paroxys – III : Guilt) is a deep and modern day drone-drama. The sound is thick and hollow, with lighter sound experimentations on top to generate some sources of light in the all-round darkness of this track. Gradually the music transforms into a more story-telling kind of work; the sound become grittier to the ears and even starts to burn like a cold fire.

The title ‘No(i)zae’ probably suggest that this is a noisy moment on the album & Sona Nyl uses this term correctly. But next to being on the edge of music, the distorted sounds are rhythmic and strangely melodic. It is strange as the melody seems to be solidly generated by a rhythm drenched in distortion. It will never hurt anyone’s ears as the artist somehow made this exposure a bit subdued, as not wanting to piss off potential sound lovers who aren’t appreciative of having their ears cut.

For them and others there is the appearance of ‘Oscurare Spirito’ which is much more subtle sounding in its output. The warm minimalism with synthetic electronic exposure and a shimmering light rhythm that simply whispers in the ear like a smooth lover.

Apparently this part of the album is one suitable for more romantic intimate cinematic experiences. The composition named ‘Seifenblase’ takes the listener on a little pretty journey with a minimal bass that is sounding very kind and friendly as its guide. Electronic bugs are flying around in microscopic detail while pleasant eighties sounding synth pads are used to add more mystery and depth to the experience.

The music in ‘Truth has never been the answer’ deserves to be heard with the volume up (as it seems to be recorded a bit softer than most of the other compositions). The result is the exposure of a strange state of consciousness in audio form. With minimal sounds a strange digital emotional landscape is formed which seems fine to trip and dream away with if it not got robbed by its sleepiness by a rapid exposure to a bombastic hardcore fuzz-kick. It’s as if the artist tries to explain that nothing seems to be what it sounds like at first sight. This heaven in sound might as well be a hell.

Last but not least there is ‘In Tutta La Sua Gloria (act II) ‘ which is simply wonderful to the ears. It’s a feeling of humanity brought to us in powerful emotional strings that leads to the eruption of hope. This is a pleasant ending of cinematic tear-jerking proportions. Beautiful.You can pick up the remastered CD version over here:
or download the first free version at the following link:

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  1. Тatsi says:

    Wonderful, music harmonizes with my feelings

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