Swoon (aka Marc Neys) – Pointless Connection

artust: Swoon (aka Marc Neys)
tutle: pointless connection
keywords: classical cont experimental soundscape field recordings Mechelen

Swoon created an album named ‘pointless connection’ but hearing the actual music within it; its connections are probably not so pointless after all. Swoon delivers a sensible shimmering state that floats between atmospheric mysterious ambient to the more avant-garde sides of the music spectrum. The points of connection the music seems to refer to the ones based in reality and in the surreal dream dimension. Swoon easily produces a bridge between these states of mind with in general soft and light intimate piano slumbering, atmospheric synth strings, sound bites, a horn, and subtleness that float in the backdrop like a gentle touch. Sometimes they take over and become the main spectacle, while at other times they are functioning as the supportive role within the music.

Not everything on this album is dreamy and light; some of the avant works are pretty dark and seem to have their connections nestled deep within the concept of a possible nightmare. If the title ‘There’s nothing that is sacred, nothing displaced’ will not be able to give you any clue of what kind of work it is, you’ll be in for an strange happening. It comes across like a ghostly session in which mesmerizing nuns pray for prey and the sound of doomsday bells had long gone. Even the piano manages to sound broken and haunted over here.

Luckily for our tender ears this feeling of doom gets quickly brushed aside with the follow-up track named ‘DSM-IV is not DSM-V’ , a dreamy chapter that has more to do with soothing midnight dream jazz and a poetry night then the end of the world.

The lengthy title track all the way at the end is a nice and lush drone that hangs again in the middle like a mediator of real life and the dream world. If you can connect the dots with what I’m saying in this review and the following link, you might have some interesting music to explore:

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