Lucy Jane Garcia – Call Me Lucy

Artist: Lucy Jane Garcia
Title: Call Me Lucy
Keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw ambient harsh noise noise Elektrostal
label: Reason Art Records

Call Me Lucy by Lucy Jane Garcia is like the previous works of this character something that has the aspects of a harsh noise wall assigned to it. But Call Me Lucy is a little bit different as it would probably not be accepted by the hardcore harsh noise wall police, simply because there are actual sound aesthetics within these works, something that hangs more towards experimental ambient then the scene of ‘harsh steadiness with a ban on changes’. In this way ‘Call Me Lucy’ seems to stand stronger in its boots towards independence.

Concretely speaking the sessions are still noisy, nicely fuzzy in the cracking zone; but the sharp atmospheric tones (probably generated by some kind of electric guitar… It’s hard to tell) are giving this potential harsh noise wall material a melodic meditative flow. Instead of coldness Lucy Jane Garcia seem to bring some warmth and perhaps even some love to this scene of mostly void.

But don’t think it’s the type of music that doesn’t have that exclusive bite to it, especially the second part of the session is a bit more snarly. It just gets a bit more under the skin; easily comparable to a couple of long polished nails that draw deep lines under the skull. This part is more hypnotic in a rhythmic form but has also these Menacing tones within it, something that leads closer to this being actual music, then hitting that genre box of pure noise. Lucy Jane Garcia seems to be an evolving character and ‘Call Me Lucy’ is great proof of that!

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