Post​-​Materialists​/​Gargamelek – “My Jazz – My Vibes”

artists: Post-Materialists/Gargamelek
title: “My Jazz – My Vibes”
keywords: albert ayler experimental diy record label free jazz label noise-rock parody post-materialists psychedelic sun ra Moscow
label: Post-Materialization Music

Good vibes are all around us. And on the round split record between Russian psychedelic experimentalists Post-Materialists and art formation Gargamelek these vibes truly seem to prosper. As long as the record spins around you will be greeted with the good vibes of music that probably hits that ‘experimental jazz’ box quite a bit. That fuzzy sound of colorful enthusiasm, rhythm, improvisation and a time long-gone reanimated again! Gargamelek brings a very own version of the classic ‘Honeysuckle Rose’ and Post-Materialsts brings something of their own crazy minds…
Post-Materialists work is called ‘Squirming Womb Of Love/Space Smile’ and is a nice expression of improvised sounding psychedelic music with actual real life instruments. We can hear a drum, snarling guitar experimentations, a super expressive horn that blows like a stallion on heath. The music seems to play around a formula of repetition and full frontal solos, creating a strange balance between stableness and expressional randomness. For some reason the all-round sound of the music piece has a bit of a seventies on drugs kind of feel. A bit like someone offered us a time-hole and once in; all gets a little loopy but definitely good fun.

Gargamelek’s Hammerandsickle Rose is more of an authentic jazz sounding vibe. It swings and is pleasant to the ears, like an old record but with the freshness of a completely new one. The sound is perfectly warm and the music swings in that special jazzy way. The horn is the main hero over here, overruling the other instruments with a big presence and volume. The jazz-tones make me remember how great this music is for working; very active material that creates a great atmosphere for doing things. It doesn’t have to be work related; it can be the act of waking up and playing with a feather on a string and a bunch of energetic cats!
You can order this good vibes record over at the following link:

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