Polyphonics – Secret Silence

artist: Polyphonics
title: Secret Silence
keywords: electronic experimental acoustic ambient cinematic electroacoustic experimental free improvisation neoclasical soundtrack Bulgaria
label: Mahorka

Care for hearing actual music? Something that will please the ears &places the head into a state of comfort and safety? This album might be exactly what you had been searching for. It starts with ‘Far and Away’ which is delivering beauty from the very first instant. A classic feel of warmth created by authentic real life instruments create a home far away from home.

The music seems to become more surreal, slowly inducing more unrealities and different music progressions to the mix; creating a strange but pleasant fantasy trip with a strange German fraulein somewhere hopping inside of it.

Once settled into this classical fairytale realm, another warm but slightly darker toned mystery of a work presents itself. This is ‘Harmonics’ which sound like the prettiest haunted places in music form that I’ve ever heard.
The ghosts are playing piano, the strings are playing the feelings of their longing to return back to life, yet the dramatic scene is fairly positive and kind hearted.

Then it’s time for a lovely composition named ‘Something and Sometimes’ which is wonderful and kindly spirited. With warm piano and friendly folkishly played strings the music seems to give that hug that people crave, that feeling of being a shoulder that carries a listener through a tough situation like a true and faithful friend.

The ears will then be seduced by a cozy pulsating beat as part of the ensemble gathered on ‘Moll and Dur’. The music is shimmering, warm and friendly. The composition might be soft and gentle, the all round results are of a cheerful strength inducing kind. It’s as if the music tells a listener ‘whatever happens never let it get you down!’

Jam with JSB & GG will also have a beat but it’s here a more expressional work of avant-garde experimentation and improvisation that is quite fun and surreal at the same time. It has innocent moments, sparklinkg ones, half induced sleepers-rock, mysterious darkness and super positive notes all happening in one singular work. Surprsingly it is next to being probably the most original track on this release, also one that pretty much keeps making sense!

After this the album continues with ‘Nightingale Bow’ which is taking a more slower pace. If it was a color it would be dark blue, as an nice evening glow that sound like the work to cool down with. After that there is room again for an extra step towards the sound of positivity with the final track ‘Like a Song’. A female lends her vocal chords to the music that sounds nice and loving. It’s a sweet ending for a musically loaded and interesting release. Perfect material to hear when you are into actual music… I know it’s hard to find some times, but at the following link it’s for sure waiting for you:

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