Heejin Jang – Binary Breath

artist: Heejin Jang
title: Binary Breath
keywords: ambient art electronic experimental noise outsider United States
label: heavy mess

Thanks to Feminatronic we gladly found Binary Breath, an interesting album consisting of multiple sound collages & noises by Heejin Jang. It’s a mix that leaves the ears mostly guessing in what they are hearing or what will come up next. It is a work that even though everything seems to be fallen into one place like a fulfilled puzzle made out of 1000 pieces, it is also an unpredictable one.

It would take hours of research to name the things that are possible presented within these works as audio forms. Some are easier to be identified then others, a occasional bird, a clock, people in outside locations, sirens and the pleasant activity of a little breeze in the microphone. But don’t think it’s one of these field recording albums that just mixes a whole collection of gathered recording in one, as Heejin Jang simply uses these items as instruments, manipulates & direct them like a modern day producer that knows how to compose without the actual prominent role of traditional instruments.

The power in this album is that it seems to have an effect on time, it will absorb it and before you know it the whole lengthy session will pass by without a single moment of boredom. Heejin Jang simply knows exactly when to change things, when to add a different moment into the moment. The result is a session that works well as an easy listening (with noises!) album, nicely shuddering in the back making the time pass by quick in a smooth way & sometimes popping up towards the front to make sure you are still alive and listening.

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