Master Toad – DEPTHS

artist: Master Toad
title: DEPTHS
keywords:Alternative, Drone, Dark, Ambient, Atmospheric, Avant Garde, Chill, Depression, Experimental, Port, Huron,
label: Torn Flesh Records

The last time we covered the music of Master Toad it was coming along with an interactive online click game. This was a game with gray photographic scenes, mild horror and mostly atmospheric darkness that was attributed to the grim images but also mostly done through the excellent sound design. This brand new EP seems to continue these scenes of exploring void and darkness, there might not be a game attached to these tracks, but someone should have no problem making one with this material as its spooky backdrop.

The music is nihilistic and minimal, with deep sinister drones and hollowness. But there is also material that sounds like the artist had setup his recording device in an abandoned building that he slowly records as it crumbles down one stone at a time. To make the experience more mysterious human sounding howls can be heard; it might be unknown animals, ghosts or tropical blood thirsty birds but it’s up to the listeners own interpretation as said; there are no pictures here to save you from guessing. (hope you are not scared to use your own imagination!)

At times the soundtrack slips some human activity through; a few guitar notes, a whistle in the darkness, but in general it’s a cold and lonely place that Master Toad had crafted here. A good soundtrack for twisted story-tellers that needs a good backdrop for their spooky words… You can download this release for free at the following link:

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