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Stephen Steinbrink – Arranged Waves

Artist: Stephen Steinbrink Title: Arranged Waves Label: Melodic Records Cat#: MELO094 Keywords: Experimental Pop, Folk Pop, Home Recording Reviewer: Alex Spalding I’d like to share a really nice album with you today that I was introduced to. It’s for anyone … Continue reading

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Traits – Traits

Artist: Traits Title: Traits Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0205 Keywords: Breakcore, Jungle, Ragga Reviewer: Alex Spalding Hey, remember me? I’m that kid who had a report due on raggacore jungle breakbeats. In space. All those Encyclopaedias weren’t much help, so I’m … Continue reading

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tont – Rändurvaim

artist: tont title: Rändurvaim keywords: experimental bass dub experimental electronic feedback psychedelic rock soundsystem travels Estonia Dark growling whispers and deep layers of bad breathe & Barking dogs crawl through the shadows, ghostly crisper sounds of old fashioned cash machines … Continue reading

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It’s a Cruel Summer (some bananarama covers…)

Hello and welcome at a special episode in which you can find a nice collection of top quality music videos of covers of bananarama’s Cruel Summer song. It wasn’t planned (we will explain the happening somewhere within this post..) but … Continue reading

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Mmöner – Forest Eruption

Artist: Mmöner Title: Forest Eruption keywords: alternative ambient electronic experimental electronic fantasy industrial trip hop witch house Mmöner walks us step by step into this album through ‘Lemna’. A strange place in which odd whistling, meets synthetic low bass choirs … Continue reading

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Sir – Best Supermierdas

Artist: Sir Title: Best Supermierdas Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0271 Keywords: Chiptune Reviewer: Alex Spalding Alright, okay, where am I at now? I’m just, like… totally lost in this 4-track chiptune wonderworld of mierda! Shall we dance, or should I just … Continue reading

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Messiah Complex – Delusions

Artist: Messiah Complex Title: Delusions Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0291 Keywords: Noise Reviewer: Alex Spalding It wouldn’t be Noise-Joy without some Noise. ‘Delusions’ is 46 minutes of brutal drone and noise soundscapes from hell, and begins sounding like some kind of … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Motion Recordings Compilation 2014

Artists: Various Title: Motion Recordings Compilation 2014 Keywords: devotional bucha boys dj 0.000001 dogmaster enis johnny fuckface jonah brown something else th’ mole Oakland 2014 was a good year & I remember listening to this Motion Recordings Compilation in that … Continue reading

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith title: EARS keyword: experimental this album starts like a young baby bird that is kindly being pushed out of its homely nest . It opens its tiny little wings and realizes that is had captured the … Continue reading

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Ironska – Abuse (NJMP3-0075)

Artist: Ironska Title: Abuse Label: Noise-Joy Cat#: NJMP3-0075 Keywords: Techno, Breakcore, Experimental Reviewer: Alex Spalding Hello, dearest readers! I’m about to begin telling you all about the 75th album released at my decade-old defunct net label Noise-Joy! I’ll have you … Continue reading

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