Marlo Eggplant – Internal External

artist: Marlo Eggplant
title: Internal External
keywords: electronica ambient experimental experimental noise Olympia

Internal External by Marlo Eggplant is an album that clearly hangs on the experimental noise side of the sound spectrum. She seems to open up her inner workings and exposes the abstract sounds of feelings in ways that feel like we are actually behind these thoughts; a backstage of emotional content, one that exposes all her wires and yet are for any foreigner hard to define.

Basic Trust vs. Mistrust’ for example is moving material, a bit like we are on an train ride to the inner depths of the artist her mind, going in deep into the dark abyss of inner workings who are responsible for her outer workings. The sound is sliding through, creating a non grab-able content that could be seen as a tunnel vision of abstract ambient -noise. Over this rails the sound glides, until Marlo Eggplant decides that we had traveled enough into her mind and solidly pulls the emergency break.

With loud noises the ride tries to stop but has problems to lose speed and to settle down. With this loudness going on Marlo Eggplant slips in another sensitive track. ‘Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt’ is how she dubbed this manic moment of a unstoppable railroad tragedy of thoughts. Near the end (and very abruptly) she will toss the loudness and leaves us with a small fragment of warm glowing ambient.

The chilling time will not be too long as clearly the inner/outer workings of Marlo Eggplant have to be always going somewhere. Next destination is ‘Initiative vs. Guilt’ a bit of a bumpy ride in which the windshield of our vehicle seems to wobble from pressure, high screeching noises will suck through our ears as she gradually adjusts the tempo for our travel at its fastest.

Marlo Eggplant’s traveling sound starts a bit more at ease in her following audio exposure named ‘Industry vs. Inferiority’, but it will not take long before the urge for movement of her sound will feel the urge to slide through the tracks again. This time the session seems to transform from light, to a darker realm. The darkness even starts to freak out and turns into something that resembles the sound of angry wonky office chairs, or perhaps a couple of overprotective wild complaining gooses.

The inner/outer workings of Marlo Eggplant had clearly gone into a darker place as ‘Identity vs. Role Confusion’ sounds as confusing as it is nerve wrecking. All these inner workings begin to sound like the source for havoc and anger, brought to you with abstract rhythm and vague burning flames.

Intimacy vs. Isolation is a much calmer place, soft and warm experimental material that teams up with an interpretation of a cozy rainfall. After that it’s ‘Generativity vs. Stagnation’ which at first sounds like the first non-moving track on the release, exposing electric sounds that come across as if our ride had been broken and Marlo Eggplant is working hard to fix it with all her might and glory. And indeed when she managed to engage the sound of movement again the whole session becomes rhythmic in an industrial way, sliding us easily towards the last track on this album.

This is ‘Ego Integrity vs. Despair’ a (considering the other works) more stand-alone kind of track that sounds as if Marlo Eggplant had created the relaxing end station for us brave listeners to relax and calm down with. And indeed traveling and moving around through an abstract rail road system deep inside Marlo Eggplant her head is nice, but some well-deserved time to chill-out is always a good thing to hear after so much time moving around in such a mental journey. If you are ready for a ride through Marko Eggplant’s mind you can jump in at the following link:

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