Various Artists – Saudade

artists: Various
title: Saudade
keywords: experimental ambient avant-garde drone industrial Jefferson City
label: Argali Records Netlabel

“Saudade is a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return. A stronger form of saudade might be felt towards people and things whose whereabouts are unknown, such as a lost lover, or a family member who has gone missing, moved away, separated, or died.”

With a compilation dedicated to Saudade you can assume the music will be a collection of emotional music pieces & indeed that is exactly what it is. Luckily emotions and the individuals that endure them are all of a different kind, making this collection a fine showcase of artists’ Saudade interpretations.

Ambient lovers favorite cousin, Cousin Silas’ has the fine honor to open this brand new gentle compilation. He delivers a laid back track with spacious guitar and lightweight piano notes. It feels like it is made with nostalgic feelings in mind, perfect to hear when going for an ‘Evening Drive To The Coast’.

Dave Fuglewicz’s That Which Would Never Be (Passenger Mix) is a work that comes across of a slight different kind. It’s using warm sounds but how the work is orchestrated seems to come across as a piece of sorrow, might even be made to sound like the sound of a trigger for an upcoming panic attack. There is a lot of tension within this experimental music piece, a work of emotion, fear, sadness, lost memories… One that lays heavy on a listeners shoulder.

Another experimental track that seems to translate these emotional tensions of love and loss of it, is the one made by ‘hole house’. The title might reveal a bit of the emotion that is behind this creation. It’s titled ‘when we haunted here together’, which is probably a reference to a fond memory of the producer who clearly has to haunt the house alone. Considering the actual experimental haunting music that is this track; Hole House manages to do this quite well on its own.

The legendary prolific ambient expert ‘Mystified’ has also an important spot on this compilation. His work is named ‘Out Of Tune’ which probably refers more to the imbalance of when a loved one had left then the actual music or sounds within this work. But who knows, Mystified has been known for being a bit of a genius so he might be able to pull off both without making the music coming across the slightest unpleasant to the ears.

A prominent moment of magic and mystery is ‘The Museum Of Everyday Life’ by Subversive Intentions. It’s my personal favorite on this album as it comes across original and pretty full in sound. It’s a music composition of drama and acceptance, something that will take an creative person into their own memories stacked with life lessons, good ones and not so great ones. It’s as if the music finds beauty in all of them, hangs each emotion on the wall to look at and learn from.

Tim Kays delivers a true moment of beauty on this collection of emotional works. His track ‘Emotional Echoes’ is indeed emotional sounding, but it also has something that feels very accepting and perhaps even a bit cheerful. It’s as if it says ‘after the rain sunshine will return’ or any other form of feel good advice a friend will tell you when you are lost for words from pure emotion. Pretty wonderful!

Avskedsritualer by [sömn] takes away the melodic music approach of emotion by choosing instead for pure sound. A soundtrack that comes across like an late night walk with our heads lost somewhere in the outskirts of a city. I don’t know if you have ever been doing these kind of walks, but it helps when emotionally drained or upset by something; just sniff up the evening breeze, absorb the background city noises and take some time to sort out your own thoughts and problems.

Obie DeGroff takes us all on a fairly positive ride, perhaps a happy resurrection of memorable life events, from one scene to another. Babies gets born, prices are won, casino visits, church moments, time spend with the birds and other precious re-collective things are all brought together in ‘Wildcrafting’.

The track done by James Hoehl takes up another scene of emotion and doubt as he doesn’t look so much back to the past, but instead focussed (and perhaps worries) more on the future. With his track ‘Where Are We Going’ he asks the question with synthetic synthesizer pads that seek out the higher lights in order to hopefully catch some answers. They are searching; sometimes they sound full of doubt and insecurity, but never seem to give up on positive thoughts too.

Kevin Lyons’s ‘Gone Away’ takes us away on a more easy going emotional ambient work. It takes the time, sounds warm and has an obvious pure human touch and soul inside of it. Kevin plays the guitar in a spacious manner, creating a track to sit still in and lose your mind in a peaceful dreamlike way.

A strange ending for this release comes in the shape of George Feledichuk (Feat Alex Young)’s Ellipses. It is a track that goes through different phases, a part sound regretful, even a bit angry. Other parts are more sentimental and kind; it’s as if more songs are all played out within one; just like emotions that can all pass the revue in a matter of minutes.

Please feel free to hear and get this emotional collection of tracks at the following link:

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