Hungry Kitten – Naked Party

1Artist: Hungry Kitten
Title: Naked Party
Keywords: dance, post hardcore, industrial, party, lo-fi, house, edm

Sometimes we receive an out of the blue email with dubious content. Today we received one from a Hungry Kitten who informed us that it makes lo-fi music for orgies. Already this idea triggered the imagination as scenes of hungry kittens doing sensual naughty things with each other passes through the visual center of my brain… At the end of the email Hungry Kitten asked if someone could take a listen and thanked on beforehand for the ‘review’. The nicest thing was that Hungry Kitten explicitly wrote that if the music wasn’t enjoyable, to please let the kitten know, as it was obvious hungry for feedback (either good or bad!)

With an off day at the YIKIS office and amused by this request from this hungry kitten, I easily clicked the curious link to hear what this was about. It was instantly clear that this was the anthem for a naked party, one that keeps a low profile with its fuzzy sound, and yet rocking enough to pump up the volume. I reckon that if you pumped it up loud enough clothes would easily fly off, clearly getting the Naked Party started whenever you would play this song.

There are a couple of surprises within this track, first of all the Hungry Kitten’s voice. It doesn’t sound so much like (perhaps not unsurprising) an innocent kitten, but actually made me think of Alec Empire (you know from Atari Teenage Riot and all his solo projects) his actual speaking voice. I don’t know if you had ever heard him talk in English, but the man has a thick accent going on. Hungry Kitten’s voice is sounding quite similar as the talking voice of Alec is simply there on this track to lay out instructions. It’s as if Hungry Kitten is standing in front of the Naked Party with a microphone telling the party people exactly what to do.

Of course you would expect a bit of meowing from the Hungry Kitten, but also here you would be wrong; Hungry Kitten clearly provides enthusiastic chimpanzee yells, something that is as unexpected as it is liberating. Next to these interesting choices, the actual ‘naked party’ song has everything to make such party into a nude feast.

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3 Responses to Hungry Kitten – Naked Party

  1. linda says:

    It’s just a practicality, not that I am an expert nor an experienced orgy-goer, but it seems to me the track is a little to short for its purpose. The introduction could have been a little lengthier, more atmosphere enducing, then a phase of foreplay, a first round of naughtiness, following several plays of yoga exercises, coming to multiple hightights *( in the party, then drifting to a satisfied afterparty experience. Perhaps some interesting tempo changes here and there.

    The current version fits watching an orgy on the internet, skipping to the best parts with a sudden finish imho. The idea is interesting, I’d say keep it up and continue!

    *( (I will keep this typo in… ofcourse I meant highlights)

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