Luna Arakawa – CATape 01

Artist: Luna Arakawa
title: CATape 01
format: extremely limited tape / unlimited digital files
keywords: electronic experimental abstract ambient avant-garde classical dream pop drone drone ambient modern classical noise piano shoegaze Toronto

The promise of videos and pictures of cats is for many the reason to sign up and get connected to the internet. The popularity of these fur-balls making, anti-authority, almost immortal, comical funny friends simply know no ends. It comes certainly as no surprise that the CATape by Luna Arakawa had sold out in no time! Anything cat related sells out in rapid speed! It probably also helps that there had been only 3 of them made, a case of an extreme limited edition. Funny fact is that each of these CATapes have different cat music played on the A side of them (the other side is empty, probably done in case the cat, or cat lover would like to listen to some silence instead.)

The music on each tape might be different, but Luna Arakawa guarantees (the lucky listeners who obtained them) that they have similar variations of the same melody and chord progression, making each of these CATapes high value for the real collectors out there. Luna Arakawa’s bandcamp account features the music of only one of these CATapes, but it gives probably a great indication what all three of them would sound like. The first part is superbly sweet and dreamy. thank to the lovely choice of sound that Luna had chosen to play her mesmerizing melodies with, it is a real pleasure to cat and human ears alike.

Somehow it made me think of this cat named Lola in London, she would probably love to play along with Luna Arakawa’s composition.
(here is a little video of Lola the piano cat… for cat’s lovers sake…)

The other part of the A side that you can hear on the digitally captured version of one of these CATapes is pretty trippy and noisy. With strange sounds, which are cute and electric, Luna sets a psychedelic session that is as rebelling as the character of a true cat. The session throws away the attention on melody and instead creates a warm extraordinary party of experimentation with sound, that only cats (and cat-minded people) might understand and appreciate. It’s like a cat and mouse game, nicely wild, still furry and fun! Of course lovers of this material might be sad that the CATapes are all sold out, but you can still get these two lengthy works in the digital version at the following link: (who can resist?)

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