COLD MEAT – Jimmy’s Lipstick 7″


artist: COLD MEAT
title: Jimmy’s Lipstick 7″
keywords: helta sketla punk Perth

Punk is dead? They actually might have had it frozen in time, as COLD MEAT (the feminist punk band from Perth, Australia) seem to be on so much fire that it’s clear that this source of self-expression and anti authority is back, fuming & very much alive. In fact the coldness of COLD MEAT might be just a sign of them coming straight out of the freezer as their sound is still as fresh and uncompromising as the highlighting top days of the phenomenon.

With their brand new ‘Jimmy’s Lipstick 7″ they make sure to grab the attention. They slam their rawly played guitars as if their lives depend on it; they are clearly not a single bit tossed to kill ears with feedback and wild energetic roughness. They pronounce their words like the toughest crowd on any party. COLD MEAT erased any attempt to sweetness, clearly sprinkled their sound with a herb made out of crumbled razorblades.

This is the kind of band that walks around on any stage like they completely own the place. With a clear no nonsense attitude COLD MEAT does its thing and no bad words or sensitive ears are avoided. They are rough, manic and I imagine them in real life as the source for panic attacks and possible controversy.

Jimmy’s Lipstick is like a violent cluster of non-comforting bursts of heroic energy. In typical punk tradition they keep their messages short and loud, like a bunch of lionesses in hot heath ready to spit in your face and magically empty all the tougher drink variations from as much bars that they can find. Their sound is spicy hot, instantly mental and on edge; inviting for if you are with the anarchists and probably frightening to anyone who resembles the establishment. While England might still search for a real punk resurrection COLD MEAT is clearly making enough noise to be reckoned with!

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