Erasers – Stem Together

artist: Erasers
title: Stem Together
keywords: world Perth

Today one of our favorite artists ‘Furchick’ recommended enthusiastically to listen to Erasers, a Australian band from Perth that will tour New Zealand pretty soon. Glad she actually pointed out where to hear these Erasers as holding a bunch of actual erasers to the ears will never be able to replace or produce the slightest of the music that these Erasers make. As a non-paying listening listener I was able to hear some stunning tracks from their Stem Together album.


erasers, but not the ones responsable for the music

I’m glad Erasers was the first thing that popped in Furchick’s mind as after hearing just a few tracks of their Stem Together album, I’m pretty sure it will be (in case someone asks for it) my recommendation too. Everything they seem to get perfectly right, their own unique sound of trip songs that has this sixties/seventies psychedelic thing going on that is created by cheer melodic progression, pleasant contagious rhythms and the mesmerizing voice of the one responsible for doing the singing part in this band.


Erasers ^ the real ones!

With ease the progressive trip tracks are bringing warmth and love in a hazy feel-good way that makes me dream of days in the sun, sitting in the front yard, being able to dance in a flower dress with flowers in my hair without being laughed at. This is the music that has that dreamy appeal of some of the lengthy organ based ‘the doors’ songs, mixed with that pleasant hippy sound that just smells of a garden full of perfectly grown super weeds. I think it’s beautiful, something that clearly is laid back and filled with a calm flow of appealing love. I know you didn’t actually asked for it, but might I join Furchick and recommend you to listen to Erasers at the following link? It’s pretty-pretty!


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