Various Artists – 現在の設定を保存して終了しますか?

artists: Various
title: 現在の設定を保存して終了しますか?
keywords: electronic ambient deep internet field recordings hauntology hip hop house lo-fi outsider techno Smolensk
label: Ethereal Talks

From Russia with love comes the現在の設定を保存して終了しますか?compilation. It features prominent artists in the electronica scene and they seemed to have come together to create the sound for a new millennium. Forget vapor wave and all the other hipster genres as the thing what these producers are creating is so new; it doesn’t even have a genre! Let’s say it’s the future of music!

MushroomWavved Collar is the first one your ears could hear when tuning into this fine collection. MushroomWavved Collar brings a diversity of seemingly meaningful mysterious sounding rhythmic loops made out of recordings that come across like a rambling state of underground sound galore. It’s not just the music that sounds original and undefinable, but also the whole sound of the track; it’s wet, dry & fuzzy.

Engaged in more sentimental fuzziness the same
MushroomWavved Collar comes up with a track named ‘It snows’. This is a melancholic humanitarian kind of recording; somehow I imagine a video clip with orphanage children singing in choirs for extreme sentimental content. It solidly brings this melody that easily brings people together, all in a sound that is perfectly complimenting the upfront and close pretty details of an actual snowflake.

Then it’s time for ‘Nothing’ which in this case is an actual ‘something’ created by Flatulent Swamps. It’s here that listeners are welcomed with the temptations of wonderfully played synthesizer melody with pleasant vocals that seemingly help to open up some kind of third dimension. Once you enter that a sense of wellbeing and feel goodness will settle itself in.

Because we futurists simply can’t have enough magical mushrooms on this compilation, MushroomWavved Collar returns with my personal favorite within this collection named ‘$ start’. It is my favorite because it comes with very pretty synthetic sounding strings, super slick rolling beats & those ‘not to miss’ blabbering elements that feel like a rusty layer of subtle nastiness that just makes it a little bit dirtier than the rest. The futuristic genre-less music has this nice epic crust, one that is thick, curious and honest.

Gloomy midnight by bejesus is a more to the point kind of piece, an ambient production that clearly fits the lovable fuzzy sound that clearly honors it’s title.

Also fun is Death drive by evgthug1 which comes across as futuristic freaky night drive music with enough electronic flubbers to make you feel like you have just locked a postal stamp enriched with LSD. Its effect is a nice almost jazzy ride on a freely bounceable road. What does a music lover needs more? Perhaps a car for actual driving?

According to my ears digesting the futuristic music of Flatulent Swamps we can clearly believe in a very muddy future. ‘M3ds’ seems to exist out of a swamp of pure sound, drowning popish singing pop singers into a basin of melodic acid.

Haunted’ is another track by MushroomWavved Collar, here we can hear sweet sounds that to me resembles a friendly young ghost lovable laid out of a nice stepping beat with a melody of half joy & half sentimental sadness. Somehow it made me think of Casper the friendly ghost, but hey that’s me getting sentimental.

bejesus comes across as a person who holds up a sign with the message that the ‘end is near’ & indeed when arriving here it will not take forever until the compilation will be coming to an end. ‘The final is too close’ sounds like a thematic tune that completely focusses on a thick melody that can easily be felt in your bones.

And exactly as the former track had predicted the final and last track to announce the end will pop in. This is evgthug1’s Human Instrumentality Project that comes across like a troubled rebel yell from the future: One that this reaches the great skies of futurism. All is a blurry, a vision of pop rock and intoxication that purely sounds like music that is far ahead of its time. Get this compilation for free oat the following link:

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