akioka – Isle Of One, scratch rock, MN X FT

Artist: akioka
title: Isle Of One, scratch rock, MN X FT
Keywords: experimental, Perth
artist on the web: https://soundcloud.com/akioka

Talking about interesting music that you should check out -is interesting, especially when it is concerning an artist named ‘akioka’. Than it just becomes even more interesting as akioka sounds like nobody else out there, making her music a true discovery for any original music and audio lover.

Do not let the frontal photograph fool you that this is just some everyday person with a banjo doing songs nobody cares for, as behind the casual picture there is music that will be close to a paradise of original and unique freshness. ‘Isle of one’ is a good start to begin this journey into being a fan for life of akioka as it is easily convincing material that opens up the door for an fairytale land completely made out of sound and music.

Most importantly akioka’s sound and music as with her ideas and obviously special wired brains she produced something that feels like a magical place, something with flying fairies and pretty trees, a zone never be described, painted or visualized before; the artist simply walked us through unexplored new territory.

Most prominent aspect of this creation of lively vibrancy is the uses of her voice in extraordinaire ways. She doesn’t plain sing or provides words; she managed to use all different kind of facets to turn it into a very glorious sound palette that she easily blends within her brightly moving electronica.

Once you heard that I’m sure you’ll be converted and are eager to hear much more of where this had come from. For example ‘scratch rock’ which even title-wise might deceive a potential listener away by thinking it’s just some rock that is itchy, but the actual music is so free and pure! It brings a pure amount of joy with its presence of colorful swing rhythm and rich melodic experimental electronica. To me it’s like the theme track for a wonderful day in a very special world, one with bright colors and odd funny shapes and plenty of sources that inspire a happy mood.
Absolutely worth to check out for yourself as you’ll have to be real stiff if it will not turn your face into a smiling one:


a lovely smile

Last in this little guide into the wonderfully fun and entertaining music by akioka I would like to point to another original track that might turn your day into one of audio satisfaction. The title of this track is unrevealingly titled MN X FT but behind it you will find highly original music to swing your elbows along with. With her vocals forming a disney-ish choir of charm and fairytale-vibe akioka feeds her comfortable rhythm and electronics the perfect dose to imagine yourself jumping happily in a green field of goodness. I don’t know what to write to you in order to convince you of the happiness that this music discovery will bring, but let’s hope (for your own sake) that you click one of these fine links and hear it all with your very own ears! Don’t do it for me or for akioka; do it because you deserve to be happy!

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