The Spearwoods -Today / The Silence

artist: The Spearwoods
title: Today / The Silence
keywords: Indie

The Spearwoods on soundcloud is a source for music that is crunchy happy sweet and pretty loud. I woke up jolly with the ‘Today’ song and hope to turn it into awake up alarm for following mornings in the near future, as it has the energy and positive adventurous vibe that works better for waking up then the combination of having a cup of coffee and shower (at the same time).


the graphic depiction for ‘Today’

What attracts me the most is that it sounds so robust, with a determent feel that although informing sweetly by a honest sounding male voice that a new day has arrived, it also has the boots on to eventually open up the curtains & window, pull of the bed sheets and kick a lazy listener (who normally hates mornings!), out of bed with no problem at all. Music can be such an effective thing, right?



ah yes! The bliue sky arrived in the artwork for ‘The Silence’

As I was suddenly instantly awake I thought to actually listen to more of The Spearwoods & thanks to that decision my morning was one of the better ones that I had in recent years. Normally I don’t feel like eating breakfast, but somehow the quirky and up-tempo friendliness that came to me while tuned into the song named ‘the silence’ made me even feel energetic enough to come up with the thought of going to a corner shop for milk and actual cereal. Luckily I couldn’t go out to actually get that healthy breakfast as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to hear the rest of The Spearwoods blasting through the speakers.

Too bad that there had been only two The Spearwoods songs on this cloud of sounds, as when it stopped I felt like I now had no more excuse to not go out, to explore and face the world. Eventually making The Spearwoods like an instant human battery charger, putting enough sparkles of life into me that I might as well turn absolutely mental by going out for a jogging session around the block & trust me; I never ever run (not even to catch a train or a plane!) so it’s clear that the music of The Spearwoods did some kind of personal miracle over here! Better listen to it again while drinking a cup of actual coffee and taking a shower (not at the same time!) and see how that will turn out… in any way; The Spearwoods made my morning and I feel very much alive! How about you?

To keep up to date with new The Spearwoods songs its recommended to bookmark the following link:

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2 Responses to The Spearwoods -Today / The Silence

  1. The Spearwoods says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome review, it’s made my day! I will try and get some new song’s up soon 🙂

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