Gintas K – Dimensions

Artist: Gintas K
title: Dimensions
keywords: experimental lithuania strange music elecroacoustic jazz and improvised music musique concrete noise post-rock Moscow
format: limited cd / digital
label: Frozen Light Label

Gintas K clearly knows it’s dimensions and by recording them in one single lengthy track the artist clearly wants to share the dimensional knowledge with you. The recording might not capture anything that truly resembles the dimension that most of us are reading this review in, but Gintas K brings the sound of dimensions that are simply a little bit outside our everyday comfort zones.

It’s as if Gintas K is some kind of traveling artist that goes through quantum leaps into these dimensions that we rarely have seen or heard anything about. In a amount of time Gintas K will present you one after another, some of them are easy and calm, others are wildly excessive, but non really seem to resemble anything usually known in our own little comfort zone. You can call these snippets of dimensions a bunch of unrelated noises, expressions, sound bites that can be soft and cozy as well as loud and mentally speedy.

The closest resemblance to things that could be heard in the presence of the ‘now’ would probably be at test faculties of new electric music equipment, noise shows, and retro gamers with circuit bend curiosities.

The last part of this discovery of unknown sound dimensions is clearly a case of being actually a bit stuck into one. Antras Galas’ it is called and seems like one dimension in which we always have to run around and never find a moment to rest or sit still. This is probably a bit how the dimension of pacman would feel like if it was an actual being with feelings and senses, running nonstop around popping pills and being scared of ghosts most of the time. So yes, Gintas K offers an escape from everyday reality into a whole bunch of other dimensions within this album, but don’t think it will be a relaxing holiday; more an active traveling vacation into the unknown. Get this album over here:

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