Lana Rothnie – Where you are

Artist: Lana Rothnie
Title: Where you are
keywords: ambient electronic shoegaze ambient Perth

Among the more sparkling and special sounding tracks that are made in Australia is ‘where you are’ by Lana Rothnie, An artist who clearly isn’t afraid to go off the much walked path of every day music-production to create something unique, expressionistic, experimental and sentimentally kind and tender.

It’s difficult to describe this track as there is nothing out there that really bears a resemblance. You can think of enormously speedy played vibrant piano keys, nicely glitchy and ingeniously chopped up to let wider depth through. It’s a work that is abstract and yet so clear; a case of pure devotion that feels more made from a heart than the technical aspect of music composing, but still has these memorable pop characteristics that will store ‘Where you are’ in the memories of your mind.


Lana Rothnie

Lana provides the freshly spirited electronica with her humanity by adding her own pleasant sounding voice to the work, one that easily collides with the ambitious warm ambient sounds that try to break through the speedy melodically played notes. At the end this ambient prevails, clearly setting the mood for victory and love for anything that resembles the sincerity of an artist’s soul.

Where you are? I don’t know about you, but hearing this makes me pretty convinced that I’m listening in a place called heaven. An unexpected pretty experimental place, but one of wonders nonetheless. Feel free to join me by checking this source for sincere sounding beauty out at the following link:

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