Leafy Suburbs – Psychic Lease

Artist: Leafy Suburbs
title: Psychic Lease
keywords: experimental house ambient concrete dub glitch mindscape noise psychedelic drone soundscape Perth

Leafy Suburbs is the name Lyndon Blue uses to make his music under. His Psychic Lease release is the most resent one he had brought out through his private bandcamp account. According to the sight of many online supporters, this specific release must be quite popular. I wonder if we can trace why his Psychic Lease is so well received and if we can find maybe the source for its success in able to apply its secret for our own creative benefits.

Perhaps the success had to do with Leafy Suburbs knowing how to promise a potent listener something, creating the right atmosphere and then actually delivering the promised music bits. For example with the first track of this release he clearly sets the scene in which you would expect the ‘clap’ sound to appear. He will do this not in an average way, but goes instead for a great buildup for the most anticipated appearance of the world renowned legendary ‘clap’ sound. He treats the sound as if it’s a celebrity, rolls out the red carpet so to speak in order to make these ‘claps’ at home and at ease in their own element. The ‘red carpet’ cones in the sound form of a prominent ‘I feel love’ kind of baseline, something that when in full swing gets these promised claps clapping jubilantly. These claps bring their own titled track great justice, and most notably; enough reason to bring out some disco sticks for a groove party. Buildup is indeed a excellent key to a success music release!

But don’t get too overheated and don’t clap too loud as otherwise you will perhaps disturb (and miss?) the next track named ‘Aloha Precinct’. This one will bring a minimal groove with shimmering effects to the audio happening. It is very atmospheric and would easily fit some kind of James Bond action or perhaps more a delicate scene of a crime investigation. It has this tension that would be something that every detective should have playing in their ears when solving a case. Perhaps a lot of Leafy Suburbs fans are working in this kind of profession and buy this release in order to make their job more entertaining?

The next track ‘Clasp’ isn’t difficult to understand why it’s loved and popular. With average ears you can already hear that this is special; a relaxing experimental chill lounge setting with melody, slow and easy going rhythm & tiny fragments of microorganisms (probably recorded through some scientific way). The result is one piece that is sunny, warm and kind: Perfect for lazy afternoons and relaxing evenings.

‘Union song’ is a bit more mysterious if we use it as a point why this release is so tremendously popular. Maybe ‘unions’ are more hip & popular then what I would think. Or perhaps the release serves the union industry by honoring its product with a respectful union song.

The ‘Pocari Sweet’ track is sounding less small target based as who doesn’t love a sweet melodic track with a very friendly easy to follow rhythm? The music has the mellowness in funk form nicely covered, with the most lovable synth sounds used as the source for the sweet melody and atmosphere. It’s here that the key to a good popular music release is easily shown; it’s actual good music!

The last part on this release is very nice, but also made me personally a bit sad. It’s so warm and full of love, yet way too short to completely sink away in. It’s almost a teaser for more of these interesting and laid back music pieces by Leafy Suburbs. Conceptually good, and extremely smart thinking of Lyndon Blue as with such an open end, you’ll be sure to come back next time when he drops more of this appealing material. Good and innovative music is what makes Psychic Lead the thing your ears will need.


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