Julia Cablesweater – Julia Cablesweater

Artist: Julia Cablesweater
title: Julia Cablesweater
keywords: experimental, jazz, drone, ambient, electronic, techno, intoxication, pop, melodic, dance, drums
label: Glitch City http://www.koindozer.org/glitchcity/

The beginning of Julia Cablesweater self-titled album is one that brings a free style avant jazz style in rhythms, but has replaced all the traditional instruments with electronic drones and synthesized sounds. The drum is played lively, but never seems to flourish into an active happening. It all keeps a low profile, as if it is not meant to be catered for an active night crowd, but more for one that is calmly chilled out on pillows and soft comfortable blankets; the relaxed environment for an ultimate easy going listening session.

Not everything on the album is laid back, as the third untitled track is a clear moment of solid rhythm. It is stable enough for anyone with a sense of groove and a sense of humor to do a daring dance upon, even though it still comes across a bit experimental and serious. The fourth untitled track however seems to clean up the façade and brings a summer-pop vibe with a melody that feels pretty and happy. It’s as if out of nowhere Julia Cablesweater channeled a hut on the beach with free cocktails inside & we are all invited to indulge freely into this happy moment.

After that Julia seems to be able to bring a drunken electronic sound; everything is a bit wilder, stranger sounds hobble around in looped loops while a fat drum hammers in a potential hangover.
After this Julia Cablesweater manages to deliver another original ‘untitled’ track in which it feels as if she knows how to create that feeling of being too wasted at a party to face the actual party. You can hear the heartbeat of the party pumping in the background, something that comes across as if we are hiding in a toilet facility as the whole world seem to tumble and rumble around. Julia Cablesweater translates this drunken feeling with synthesizer sounds that come in softly from the toes and move upwards towards the ceiling; even listening to this track in pure soberness would make a person feel dizzy and intoxicated. Gravity suddenly becomes a loose concept.

Luckily Julia Cablesweater is one that knows when it’s time to hide, and when it’s time to shine and party again. Julia’s next untitled track on this album is the music that is pure relief. Perhaps it is a sign of happiness and survival from the whole drunken ordeal that had captured the album a little bit earlier on. Here the artist brings in a loving melody of bell-like sounds, together with a happy sounding guitar and bright beats that in combination create a magical moment of feel-goodness.

The last untitled track on the ‘Julia Cablesweater’ album seems to combine the happy feeling with that sound of being boozed up again. With heavy sounding thick drums, it’s giving the feeling as if our feet are as heavy as lead as we stumble through hall & alleyways in a state of confusion and dizziness. The melody that comes along with this heavy drum is swinging like a joke, one that clearly seems to see and understand the humor of its own situation.


Julia Cablesweater consists of 8 untitled free downloadable tracks that are covering 40 minutes of music. It starts very serious, then slips into a more comical mood, becomes more and more the sound of intoxication through alcohol consumption. It is basically following the ritual of going out; you have a plan perhaps to meet new friends, see new things; booze comes along, and at the end of the night out you’ll be happy if you are able to still know who you are & are able to get home without throwing up over your finest clothes.

All in all Julia Cablesweater’s self-titled album is one that is like a story taken out of real life. Music that corresponds to happenings that most people probably will be able to relate too. This is what makes this album a joy as who doesn’t enjoy ‘recognizing’ yourself and your own situations in someone else their produced music pieces? Feel free to download Julia Cablesweater’s album over at the following link:

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