Belchkitchen – E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L

artist: Belchkitchen
title: E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L
keywords: experimental dance garage punk noise performance art rock Arnhem

Belchkitchen’s latest bunch of fresh sounds are collected under the name E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L. A mysterious name if you can’t look in the head of artist Quinten Dierick who is behind the project. The first soundtrack ‘RES1’ is seemingly capturing one prominent sound that sounds a bit like a lonely electric shaver without being applied to anything that contains hair or skin. Strangely the track of more than 3 minutes passes by in no time, so there must be enough to be intrigued by to get you through.

The release continues with ‘E.M.I.R.S. THE UNKNOWN NAUSEOUS’ which has plenty of more variations going on sound-wise. Still you could say that Belchkitchen is keeping it minimal, only showcasing one piece of innovation at a time, creating some kind of hear-play that feels to me as if the artist has been able to fold up a guitar while still playing it. As if the guitar is a piece of paper and he makes it into an origami-something.

Belchkitchen not only reworks and manipulates the perception of objects, but also nature. Within ‘E.M.I.R.S. CRICKETS IN NEW-ZEALAND’ the artist creatively manipulates recordings of crickets into an interesting soundtrack that somehow turns them into something that would inspire A. Hitchcock to make a movie about disturbing crickets, clearly  hungry for human flesh.

The last work ‘E.M.I.R.S. – E.M.I.R.S. PORTA is one that is a most pleasant one. With soft electric sounds Belchkitchen cooks up a warm experimental ambient work that feels fragile and intimate. If you are into experimentation, minimalism and other audio-activities you might want to try and take a peek over here:

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