Bloomtube on the Bloombox

I’ve always advocated throwing televisions out of the window, but somehow I thought it wasn’t really the television itself that I hated, but more the brainwashing and other nonsensical content that was broadcasted towards it. Lately I had been recovering some of the thrown televisions & engaged in some do it yourself nonsense with them and an internet connection. My solid purpose was to try to eliminate the unwanted aspects of the box with a screen and make it into something that was wanted, good spirited and lovable:
The Bloombox!


the first steps of turning something unwanted in something that i wanted; something good spirited and lovable…

I have no money to claim the patent, but I had succeeded and invented the Bloombox. It’s works basically a bit like a normal television, a on and off button, a knob to put the volume up and down, but the screen features only things that a human being would like to see and hear; Bloom and band performing her songs live!

The pleasant programs on the Bloombox are suitable for the ears & eyes of all ages. Featuring for example the lively spirited fun of ‘Clowns Lament’ (as seen above), but also the more intimate live version of ‘Medicine of Purpose’ or the energetic live version of Bloom’s Looking Glass! Zapping through the channels on the Bloombox would only reveal more pleasure for the ears and eyes with live performances of ‘Soul Siren’, ‘Pink Serenity’ and the meaw meow along ‘Animal Spirit’ song and many, many more!
That sounds like a box not to toss, right?


testing out a Bloombox prototype

I can’t clearly tell you how it exactly works technically, but instead of channels you could zap through music videos that are attached to the official YouTube account of one of my favorite artists out there Bloom. Her account ‘Bloomtube‘ is filled with her songs, lively played (alone or with band!) in different settings, creating an instant glow in a listener’s heart full of animal instinct, love and purity.
This is the Tube that actually makes people happy!

If you don’t like to zap through the songs (which is understandable with pretty music like this) you can just stay on one channel and the Bloombox would simply rotate all the available Bloomtube content around like an audio/visual jukebox full of love. Of course it takes a bit of time and a lot of effort to convert all the tossed out televisions in the world into Bloomboxes, so please be patient if you are desperate in need for one. I’m only aware of myself doing this… so if you are a bit technical and are up to give these doomed boxes new purpose as a Bloombox; please go ahead and do-it-yourself too!

Luckily you don’t need to wait to receive these pretty songs that I can watch and hear on the Bloombox prototypes that I’ve been working on, as Bloom’s Bloomtube is of course ready for you on the better side of YouTube. And if you check these videos out individually, you can even find links (where applicable) to the original songs on Bloom’s BloomCloud.

In case you got confused, here are some things to help you out:


*The Bloombox is not available yet for the public,
still in exciting testing phase but damn; it’s pretty good!

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3 Responses to Bloomtube on the Bloombox

  1. linda says:

    I don’t know why and I don’t know how. But somewhere during the day I caught a depressing feeling. Drowning myself in a constant loop of Dr. Who theme (the first version from 1963 (of course!)), looking at the clock waiting for the day to be over.

    When is this over….. the haunting tunes did not break the spell and it didn’t push me over the edge to get rid of it either (like a nice emo break down always clears the sky). Clearly taking the wrong approach. I should have returned to YIKIS. I should have tried one of those experimental bloomtubes. I should, I will, I can, I’ll get over it soon with these lovely songs. ❤ They are lovely crafted, as much as the content to be found and presented by the lovely Bloom. How can someone stay in the dark like that. doom becomes bloom!

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