Mining Tax – Degenerational Report

Artist: Mining Tax
title: Degenerational Report
keywords: electronic, Perth

Mining Tax has this love theme for electronic music that easily will picture a spandex wearing Gary Numan in your head. These wobbly baselines, eighties retro beats and those synthesizers that speak religions. But as most of Numan’s repertoire is quite dark, mining Tax seems to be a bit more nipples dipping in the moment that Gary’s hit ‘cars’ came out. It has this energy of being upbeat, perfect to get an alternative nightclub full of brightly clothed pop loving electro-Goth-vampire-look-a-likes dancing the night away.

What distinguish Mining Tax is the friendly attitude in its vocals, less posing and more prominent giving their hearts away. It’s definitely electro pop orientated with melodies that would Gary lovers wave their long sleeved black sleeves in the air & even fans of The Cure smile. The song ‘Int’l Investment’ is standing out to me as the strongest in being original and fun.

You can easily hear that the band is not coming from a dark or black void, but is having fun with things they probably grew up with, giving it their own positive spin and glow. The music is happy and pure, almost as if it is electro-goth music for children! I really love it, so older children might be fine too! Sliding down the slides is a lot of fun but more risky at an older age, but listening and dancing to Mining Tax might be a much safer option:

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