irrlicht project – The Great Escape

Artist: irrlicht project
title: The Great Escape
keywords: electronic, chiptune, dance, lo-fi, pop, drone, alternative, space,
label: Proc-Records
artist on the web:

Everyone who needs some time off should go and listen to The Great Escape by irrlicht project, it’s the producer’s third solo album and has everything to transport your mind to elsewhere. Irrlicht Project’s 1m1s5 picks up the science fictional mood with a short term presence of space drone with an intergalactic .s.o.s. transmission spun into it. It is just enough to get that Stanly Kubrick ‘we have lost our shit in space’ feeling across.

Then the engines start as Irrlicht Project profoundly announces the number of the space flight that we are attending along with prominent bass frequencies that easily resembles the buzzes of a puffy spaceship’s engine. Because of them shifting tones and Irrlicht Project’s vocal performance the whole song gets an emotional uprising. When the climax has reached its high score and it is clear that the music is ready; it goes into ‘lift-off’ mode with hardcore beats, crunchy fuzz and upsweeping higher notes that easily shoot the flight across the galaxy without bumping into the many stars.
Once Irrlicht Project’s spaceflight protocol has successfully succeeded the music drops the engines into the nothingness in order to give way to hear the euphoric melody upfront and close! Look mom, we are high up in space now! Isn’t the power of music great?
proc316-00-irrlicht_project_-_cover_bAnother moment of truth arrives, this time it’s ‘1m1s2’ that delivers mood stabilizing melodic outer-space-ambient to be thrilled by. It’s very short, but enough to be hijacked by some meteor of doom as an upcoming theme track. But we are not here in space with irrlicht project to be serious, as our electronic underground friend delivers the ideal perfect intergalactic party music. Put on your colorful space costumes on as with the funky fuzzy electropop named ‘yamahatekno’ we will all be dancing on the outside of our spaceship & possible out of our minds too. The accords changes in this tune are pretty amazing, they might sound loud and noisy but they have definitely written the word ‘feel-good’ all over it.

And now that we are in the party zone deep into the deepest outer space, brought here by pure technology, it is a good time to acknowledge that we might be nerdy disco dancers. Lucky realizing this gives us more inner and outer knowledge & even more reason to accept irrlicht project’s ‘disconerd’ in our ears and lives! A super electropoppunk tune with full frontal chiptune bleeps, beats and of course glorious German vocals celebrating our own existence!

The music has to continue as ending with nerdy disco music so far away from home would be a bit idiotic. Luckily irrlicht project restarted the engines and even gives the impression of having recruited a chatty parrot at the spaceship’s captain to get us out of here. With a descent steady beat, up swiping pleasant melody and the chatty friend ‘yavas_yavas’ becomes the positive traveling moment on this great escape of an album.

The travel will continue and it will get lovable and nicely crisp with the happiness that ‘tiny_twister_ballad’ provides. A sweet folkish alien tune with nicely programmed tickling roll drums to get drunk by with alien friends at the local space-bar. It is here that the anthem ‘piratensong’ sweeps the bottles of rum around to everyone in the booze-loving intergalactic crowd. The music is bringing all the bounty hunters, pirates covered in parrot shit and other colorful characters together for a get together of drinks.

Time to get wet and wild with irrlicht project’s ‘dance_with_the_rain’ which has this super tight beat and clap mixed with enough acid bubbling lines to get even the most toxic person even higher than it already was! A super sleek underground techno feast erupts and the escape had been so great that nobody even remembers that all this is happening somewhere deep in outer space.

When realizing this, a tiny freak-out might happen and fall into place. Even that irrlicht project seems to cover on this fun sounding album. ‘loffsong’ sounds like it relates to realizing that being intoxicated by booze and acid somewhere in a space bar millions of lightyears away from home might be a little much all of a sudden. Luckily everyone who attended this great escape will be treated with a lovely sounding piano piece (kla4) at the final end of this album’s destination. It’s like a classical massage to the ears and shoulders, making this not only a nice getaway but also one that provides a nice aftercare. You can hear and download this album for free at the following link:

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