Milzenvirgil – The Art And Magic Of Milzenvirgil

Artist: Milzenvirgil
Title: The Art And Magic Of Milzenvirgil
Keywords: experimental avantgarde free rock lo-fi noise rock Hungary
reviewer: Ronny Wood

The art and magic of Milzenvirgil is not seemingly a thing that has to do with wizards, magic spells and artistic magic tricks. If we put it bluntly and to the point the art and magic that you can see and hear here is solidly coming in recordings of music and artwork to look at. The tracks come across for the most part as noise rock clearly recorded through analog ways, probably recorded on a cassette tape live and on the spot.

Of course music, melody and how things are played are very important with a release like this, but to me it’s most remarkable that I can’t stop focussing on how the overall work sounds like. Most of the tracks have that wooden feeling, I can’t really explain it but hearing it you’ll be able to smell the wood of an guitar, but also perhaps wooden floors, wooden furniture, wooden walls, wooden rooftops; all things wooden.

It’s a nice kind of wood, something that just feels woody, as if it still smells of trees that aren’t aware yet that they have been cut down. It’s not really clear why this material is sounding as wooden as the material is mostly distorted guitar improvisations you probably won’t find so quickly in a forest. There are guitar based tracks without the distortion, (clearly strumming away the sound of smooth wooden surfaces) but the rougher sounding ones seem to dominate the release a little bit more. It’s not that these guitars are played roughly; it’s just that they sound a bit rougher, wooden… But then again even the calmer bits are sounding wooden.

I don’t know if you have ever been in a nice wooden hut, or perhaps a bungalow; but even though the different surfaces of wooden materials, the all-round use of wood creates a cozy atmosphere, something that in general also could be felt when tuned into this release. But be aware that some rougher parts of the wood might give you a splinter to deal with:

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