Antti Tolvi – Traktori Fantasia

1Artist: Antti Tolvi
title: Traktori Fantasia
keywords: concert, experimental, drone, ambient, industrial

conducting a huge orchestra isn’t easy, only well trained and skilled music conductors are able to pull this profession off. When they conduct the music successfully they will trigger tears of joy from the audience & draw huge standing ovations after each performance. Music conductors are somehow a mystery to many, a delicate task that is easily mistaken and looked upon by the masses as after all most conductors don’t play an instrument themselves, they will just wave their hands with a little stick (or without) in the air, giving signs to all the members of the orchestra.

But ask any average person to stand up in front of an orchestra for a conduction session and the whole composition will sound like a wonky drunken mess that will probably only generate tears from an ashamed original composer, or from laughter (by some good humored audience members).
Let’s say it again: conducting successfully is simply not a task for everyone. Luckily Antti Tolvi is a conductor who certainly isn’t an ‘everyone’, or a ‘nobody’; Antti Tolvi is so gifted in the conducting profession that he is able to conduct not only huge orchestras, but also tractor riders inside a bunch of tractors!

Try to pull that off! Even the most talented music conductors will have trouble conducting a bunch of tractors in a field, but not Antti Tolvi! Under the watching and willing ears of a huge crowd, this conductor simply does the (almost!) impossible by conducting a wonderful modern piece of tractor-composition in a crystal clear and perfect manner. The result is a dedicated delicate sounding piece, a ambient drone work with industrial artifacts that could move even the most heartless person into tears from its beauty. In fact, when I was listening I was so touched by the music that my whole keyboard had turned into a mini swimming pool full of tears; how amazing & how wonderful!

Antti Tolvi conducts with a special precision and lots of individual attention to each member of his special made tractor orchestra. He moves his hand with the palm up in the air, and moves it as if he is weighting and kindly bouncing an imaginary scrotum. This is a technique that must be pretty much unique, but Annti Tolvi certainly proofs that it’s a way of conducting that works most beautifully.
Watch and hear this amazing concert in the following video:


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