LoE LoF LoN – Conventional Elements

artist: LoE LoF LoN
title: Conventional Elements
keywords:experimental spanish underground music avant garde rock experiemental free form experimental music free jazz instrumental lo-fi noise space rock Florida
label: Muteant Sounds (net label) https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel

This entertaining album starts with ‘Black Liquor’ which comes across as the moment when the actual black liquor kicks in and even walking normally turns into a almost impossible task. The feet are simply felt with lead, shoes are suddenly the most heaviest boots and gravity not a friend but an enemy. And yet this state of intoxication is just like the music that represents it; superbly delicious to drown in.

Then there is the swinging ‘Accidental Death’ which comes across like a fine party in which a heroic party goer might have injected him or herself with a little bit too much of that dangerous stuff called heroine. The party swings on and nobody seems to notice the dead party person as the music just goes on bringing the mood for celebration.

Then there is a moment in which we can enjoy a bit of freestyle, a sniff of jazz, a spoon of blues, a hint of a brush and a sip of – psychedelic friendly avant-garde Artificial Sounding Phrase.

The release becomes really ‘sunglasses at night’ material when’
No Jazz’ plays. It has this super cool mood, it swings and feels groovy but also comes across as a middle finger that is pointing in all directions, energizing the inner punk out of each and every listener.

The album goes on with a moment named Dancing in Your Head. Not sure if it’s supposed to mean that the music is dancing in our head, or that somehow we must be so tripped out ‘being John Malcovitch-style’ that we are actually able to dance for real inside our own head. The music is good, with a firm baseline, effective drum and nice raw sounding guitar that will effectively make a person dance, either inside the head or outside.

A humorist kind of a hyper track is ‘Daydreams’ which comes across like a dream after drinking too much cups of strong coffee. Doesn’t sound like a good combination; caffeine overdose and dreaming, but here it works out quite fun!

A nice mesmerizing warm, friendly and yet melting sound pot of a track is ‘Three Years’ . It has something as if it’s made on a beach, something out of an old Polaroid; maybe the beachboys before them being the beachboys. It comes across like a black and white time frame from the good old days.

Something more upbeat and tightly rocking is the New Performance. It has this rhythm of drum n bass that easily does its magic on the listener. It’s bringing an irresistible groove that even when listening in perfectly sober state gets someone easily intoxicated on its music.

Lots of fun is also to be had and heard when ‘Midnight Adventure’ plays, a super fine festive freak-out of locked groove with happy festive electric guitar madness. It’s a fun fair for freaks and is laced with mad breaks that just make it even more joyful.

Out of XNIP has this laurel and hardy feel, something a squeaky and floppy duo would use to easily walk around on with shoes much larger than their feet, clown horns to squeeze and honk, round hats and an over joyous walking stick. It is silly and gosh who doesn’t like silly music?

All the way at the final end there is the Manifesto. Something that halfway reminds the listeners to the black liquor that the album began with, but here the music is not heavy and gravity is not pulling us down but rather a bit more up. It’s the slow feel good ending that suits this album in a most delighted way. The mellow melody is nicely thought through & the result is something that could be compared to a good goodbye given to you by that weird friendly friend you trust but not really know all that well: A great ending for a really nice and entertaining album.

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2 Responses to LoE LoF LoN – Conventional Elements

  1. Gori says:

    Ey!. I’m Gori, aka LOE LOF LON. What a wonderful surprise!!!. Very, very cool words!!!. Thanks a lot from the heart!!!. For your information this week will release the album with another netlabel from Chile: https://www.facebook.com/mistrecords
    Greetings from Spain,

  2. Linda says:

    Thanx to the Random functionality, I stumbled upon this great album! Lovely distraction for the morning in the office, blocking ramblings of colleagues, happily flowing on the sounds towards Lunch. ❤

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