Chelidon Frame – Imago

Artist: Chelidon Frame
Title: Imago
keywords: ambient concrete music drone dronescape found objects glitch italy milano musique concrete noise soundscape Milan

Chelidon Frame is a name that might not immediately ring a bell, but if you dip deep into the album named ‘Imago’ it will definitely ring up some mood altering atmospheric music. As soon as ‘Sunless Dry Geranium’ plays the listening listener is wrapped into a strange dark tale of a world, carefully introduced by a voice that seem to have come straight out of a dungeon and dragons episode. But after setting the scene a well-designed rhythmic loop made out of sampled hedge cutters, stuff recorded in a shed or some other random material that is carefully shaped to parade in order. This rhythmic session gets the nicest darkness flowing around in a melody that comes across as the recognizable inner thoughts of a sensible grave walker with sweet psychopathic thoughts.

With ‘Phase 0: Explorer’ the album takes is deeper into the stern void of a twisted gardener. Thick drone music in full stereo with warm memories of far away circus side shows can be heard deep within this deeply emotionless state of mind. Some melodic sweetness can be heard warming the emptiness up, yet it feels more like a theme you would come across in a Italian eighties horror flick. There is something about it that feels not right, yet nothing bloody seems to come up to proof my point.

Perhaps I was wrong and is this album more one you could feel more safe in. The ambient drone work named ‘A Monogram’ seems to float nicely and seems to behave calmly. Perhaps providing the calm before a storm?

If ‘Phase 1: Peak XV’ was a storm than I would be happy if it would storm every day! This track is superbly relaxing, with chilling ambient that feels like the kind of music that feeds positive brainwaves to the mind. A very friendly laid back melody, mixed with dense depth and a interesting electric rhythm are a few of the elements that bring great joy over here. Gone are the presumptions of hollowness and walking around in soulless psychopathic minds; this is the music done by a human who cares about you, the listener.

More random material had been gone through a sampling process and is now forming a rhythmic beat that feels like walking footsteps. The track is named ‘Crevices’ and follows a dark path in which no bad things happen, or at least I somehow now presume it’s an actual safe place.

But is it safe? The next work ‘Adache’ is illustriously dark, a thick drone with random stuff thrown in that gives me the feeling as if we had traveled into a cellar of a person with not a very friendly mind. It comes across claustrophobic even though the sound of the drown is warm and pretty big sounding.

On This Horrible Machine’ is very minimal, as if we are hanging around in a graveyard and once in a while something heavy lights up the silence. At the end we clearly get served the sound of recorded maggots or perhaps crispery sounding worms.

Another dark track on this album comes in the shape of ‘Mikveh’ which strangely has something that feels like a haunted church in which the church organ starts to play by itself and electronics marching soldier dolls provide rolling snare drums. A voice tells us that we are cut up in the drone before letting the music slip into a melody that is sad, cute, haunting and pretty at the same time: Confusing but perhaps a case of it being nicely twisted.

The last track named an ‘Evening on Karl Johan’ let’s the elements of warm and cold melt together in a shimmering set of deep atmospheric drone. It’s something that goes through the bones, slightly getting more melodic fulfilling a bizarre ambience with a kick at its heartbeat. The music seems to be alive here, lurking away in the speakers like a heavy beast after it awakened from a serious dose of tranquilizers. This work is the most moving, slightly becoming a bit more terrifying; showcasing a whole bunch of lost souls that aimlessly moan for the spooky part of this record.

Conclusion? It’s a dark and happy world that is captured on the album, giving to the clause that nothing is what it seems to be, or perhaps it is what it is. Sometimes it sounds like being in the mind of a psychopath, other times like a DIY set in the garden shed, and at different times it’s spooky or blatantly friendly and melodic; it’s as if Chelidon Frame created this record to play tricks with the listening listeners their minds. If you are ready for such a game, feel free to click here and check it out;

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