Beverly Ritz – Blues for Django

Artist: Beverly Ritz
title: Blues for Django
format: CD
keywords: piano, jazz, blues, solo, golden retriever

You might have heard of Beverly Ritz, and if not, it might be the right time to hear about her. In fact when you read ‘this’ you have indeed heard about her at this very moment in time. But let us continue and inform you a bit more, in case you had still been a bit barking in the dark.

Beverly Ritz is known as a master (or is it mistress?) of solo piano jazz. A genre that is probably most overlooked at in these modern times with people doing gigs on laptops and smartphones as their instruments. But with Beverly Ritz her fifth CD ‘Blues For Django’ (named after her favorite Golden Retriever) (!) she gladly proofs that perhaps now is the actual time to take a few steps back, distance ourselves from all the modern day electronics and enjoy someone passionate doing what she does best in the old school style. Here is a little description of what to expect on this tribute to Django the dog:

“Blues for Django, the fifth solo piano jazz album by Beverly Ritz, should appeal to piano jazz fans who enjoy elegant music with a wide variety of rhythms and sophisticated harmonies”
-well that’s us, right? You and I are all about elegance, piano jazz, rhythms and sophisticated harmonies…

Beverly Ritz (even her name sounds grand!) brings a nice collection of jazz & blues performed on these authentic piano keys. In case the computer generation is reading this, ‘piano keys’ are in combination with her virtuous hands responsible to recreate these pretty classics in solo-piano form.
It’s not as easy as it may sound in writing as the jazz that she performs all by herself on her piano is probably not all material written to be performed by a lone solo pianist.

But when Beverly Ritz plays you won’t really miss a trumpet player, you won’t care about a guitar player, you won’t miss a bassist, you wouldn’t even think of missing a skilled jazzy drummer. In fact you probably forget all about these laptop & smartphone performers too!

But however it isn’t always fun to play alone, and as the video below depicts Beverly Ritz is also capable to perform in collaboration with others. In the case of the video below Beverly Ritz performs with the legendary legend of legends ‘Phil Mack’. I’m not even going to try to tell you who this musician is, google him and you will know he is ‘the connection you can trust’.

But to me Beverly Ritz will always be known as the solo jazz pianist, one who makes a hectic Sunday (or perhaps another day of your choice?) into a relaxing moment. When she plays the piano she will take you away to the land of analogue, to the sound of actual music notes, the abilities to read notes from a piece of paper and convert them through brain, love and a pair of fingers attached to hands into pretty piano music to listen and be humbled by. Just hear her perform ‘Phantom of the Islands’ and tell me this isn’t relaxing?

As you can see, Beverly Ritz is not only fluent in translating her passion for music into actual pleasant piano music, but she also comes across as a true professional in the solo-jazz-piano field. If you watch closely in the videos at her sleeves while she does her piano magic, you will see that she has gathered rainbows around her arms, a thing that the universe only blessed the best musicians in the entire world with. Watch them when she performs one of the most favorite classics ‘Moon river’ on her magnificent looking grand piano (built in 1937!) and let your ears calmly go with the flow.

Wonderful, he? Perhaps make the whole session complete with some cups of tea, biscuits and more of these piano solos by master/mistress Beverly Ritz, as it will for sure generate a wonderful day away from all the technology. You know the kind of material to sit back, relax and get a sniff of the good fashioned piano jazz solo culture.
You can buy this album over here:
But it is very recommended to visit her own website to hear music, read details, and check out her other previous albums & perhaps go to her photo section to see Django the wonderful piano solo jazz loving golden retriever in all its might and glory… p.s. there are cat photos too!

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