Naughty – Nylon Insomnia

Artist: Naughty
title: Nylon Insomnia
format: limited Tape / digital
keywords: experimental, HNW, harsh noise wall, Rome
label: Signora Ward
reviewer: Simon Hit

Naughty’s Nylon Insomnia is the very first album for this new female HNW project. As everything that comes from the prominent Signora Ward records the physical tape sold out in no time, leaving only the option for latecomers to obtain a digital version (or go and hunt one of these lucky collectors to get one as a trophy…)
It’s bloody well worth stealing for, however, we are just as polite as the HNW community and suggest to get it the legal way.

The release consists if two lengthy HNW works and after a couple of sophisticated tests we can confirm that it can be enjoyed on a massive and on a lower volume. Of course both volumes will have completely different results, and if your ears are a bit beaten up our team of specialist is suggesting blasting it out the loudest way. In that way you can hear the dark crumbling depth of the wall, the crunchy crust suffering like a piece of meat in a lonely frying pan. The track is called ‘I Can’t Sleep’ which probably means the artist made it in a sleepless state, or perhaps that this wall of noise shouldn’t be slept upon. Rumors go around that a HNW ball is being organized in which lovers of this genre will come together in their finest clothes, ready to ball room dance on a nonstop blast of massive drilling walls & this track by ‘Naughty’ certainly gets me in the mood for it.

But when ‘I Won’t Sleep’ is more going for a grandeur ball room wall dance, the next work named ‘You Won’t Sleep’ clearly sets in a more voluminous speed into the heavy sound of the harsh noise wall. It kicks in like a whale landing on your head, illuminating all the outside music and sounds as it swallows everything up like a Moloch with an unstoppable hunger for sacrifices.
This debut album of Naughty might give you sleepless nights, but enough action to practice your dance moves on the sound of eternal void. Check it out over here:

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