poppy nogood – fantasy

Artist: poppy nogood
keywords: experimental ambient bedroom laptop lo-fi pop New York

poppy nogood is back and this time delivers an EP that will trigger a fantasy. It’s hard to tell from my point of view if everyone will be having a similar fantasy experience when going through these tracks, but you can be rest assured that I’m experiencing a super-hot fantastic fantasy in my head when the first track ‘i) stereo luv (intro)’ is doing its magic. Think of a utopian night scene under bright neon city lights, two sensual good looking robots sexually hitting me up, offering some futuristic drinks and inviting all of us into the local robocock-tail bar. A hot wave of warmth, a brewing horny atmosphere between human and robots, an affair of well oiled sexuality that will hit a high steel versus human flesh climax while rubbing sensually on the ballroom floor! What a fantasy & what a night! And it’s only just the beginning!

The real smooth dance floor action that will make the robots all oiled up in their metallic love boxes really starts to feel the heath up in ‘ii) fantasy’ , a fantasy setting that is erotic, lush and unclassified in the horny department. The disco lights are trembling, the drinks are kicking in, making the whole night into a fabulous blur of hot expectations with poppy nogood’s music as the stimulating force to make this fantasy into a trembling one.

Then from one thing comes a natural other & while ‘iii) a habit // a word of advice’ plays the fantasy of going to a robot hotel room with the bunch of hip waving electronic oiled up machines from the bar is becoming a strange reality. The music plays and cares for a romantic soundtrack in which fingers fold among screws, tongues lick rusty intimate parts of steel and robot bodies are oiled up and smoothly rubbed in while the room is romantically lighten up by candles. What a fantasy!

The fantasy session continues with the upbeat pleasure giver that is ‘iv) and so it goes’ ; the blankets are off, disco balls are bouncing, cotton candy and pink screwdrivers and a bit of essential flower smells to keep the bedroom action hot and steamy! With such a beat, singing and rhythm any night of passion will turn into a glorious one! When this fantasy will come to an end we will be for sure smoking a cigarette (even if you don’t smoke; remember it’s all part of the fantasy!)

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