Artist: R10T
keywords: big beat drum & bass electronic ambient electronic industrial rave Toronto
website: http://www.r10tproject.com/

With the sound almost crushed into the realm of distortion DIGITAL RIOT Kicks in with stiff electronic beats that quickly escalate into something that easily wipes us up like whipped cream into a zone in which drums rule the scene! With heavy rolling changing rhythmic loops, a nice phat guitar pushes the material into the next level. The track oddly named ‘Death Pony Express’ is easily assaulting the peace, swiftly beating the speakers from the inside out in order to get a well-planned riot party started.

When we are all inside, the warmth of a private rave is easily thrown all over our well willing ears; R10T brings electric fun funk with a nice friendly groove to be happily bounce along with. The track is nicely stable, functions around a deep bass that rolls tightly with the progressive rhythm. Where Death Pony Express came across like a very raw deejay set, ‘Enabler’ seems to be much more sophisticated and full of cool artifacts. It ‘enables’ so to speak a warm welcome, as rioters are clearly human beings too!

Then the record throws in a nicely hobbling drumloop, something with sweet melodic minimalism that seems to wave around in the front and in the background, creating a happy moment in which everybody should be able to have a good time. It is called ‘Intermission’ and becomes nicer and fuller the more you poison yourself with mind altering party medications. Don’t ask your local doctor, but do ask that strange weirdo at your local bar.

‘Banshee’ is up next, going for a massive industrial beat that just begs to fade up the volume until the speakers are close to cracking. The deeper sinister mellow synthesizer sounds used in this track seem to swim deep inside the mix, turning it into something that feels like it’s made for a huge electro dance party in which the kicking beats stay low and the external mood enhancers fly around in the air for that darker get-to-gather element.

The Space Inside’ falls a bit outside the rest of the tracks on this album, it’s more space rock with heavy focus on atmospheric bass and snarling (but tucked away in the mix) electric guitar galore and a drum at its throbbing heartbeat. It feels and sounds different than the other tracks on the album, as if it’s a more unplugged version of R10T’s DIGITAL RIOT.

I guess this is where the party ends and making me wish the release was a bit longer for me to pounder over. Especially knowing that R10T described itself as being influenced by the Prodigy and similar sounding as Aphex Twin it is difficult to fully judge with just five tracks at our disposal. It did sound like good material to get a party started & hyped up, yet there was something memorable missing, something catchy that even though being alternative and experimental both the influences have.
Perhaps ‘No Hit’ here, but lots of hard hitting beats, bass, and rhythm to move your ass off with.

Feel free to hear/obtain the release at the following link:

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