ROSARIO MUNIZ – Mi spoglio qui in diretta (video ufficiale)

title: Mi spoglio qui in diretta (video ufficiale)
keywords: personage incredible, video, singer songwriter, performer

The beautiful physical appearance of a person on the beach, wrapped in a natural carpet, armed with a smile to die for and enough saliva to feed the thirsty. This is what you can see and never be able to unseen, when you have seen it.

A singer with a voice that you wouldn’t even expected to hear being sung while taking a needed shower, a personage that is channeling drama, disaster and a tragedy by just his charming presence within this official music video.

A white piece of underwear, a define belly for jelly, a twinkling in his eyes; the presence of a true performer. Words he sings, a language that if you speak it, should suddenly pretend not to know. This is the work of a showman that we are all afraid to show & yet we show as the show must go on.

He goes on all four, let you look inside his mouth, admire his hair as he distracts you by humping pieces of wood. Lyrics are there, yet I do not dare to translate. A man of courage, who doesn’t have no shame, posing politely for the camera, realizing that this must be at least the work of two people: is it genius or a scene that will frighten you in your sleep. Say what you want, the man had created, sang, won and overcome; beware the sound and view of a true hero:

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