Space Opera Zoo – SOZ: The Collection

Artist: Space Opera Zoo
title: SOZ: The Collection
keywords: experimental ambient dreamy harsh noise indie noise noisecore sample-based synth United States
label: John’s Noise! Records

Space Opera Zoo doesn’t only sound like a fun name for a project; it also is the name a fun music maker makes fun music. It’s not only fun, it’s also mostly very sweet, or… let’s say the SOZ: The Collection’ album has a rather sweet tooth. It begins purposeful with Space Opera Zoo’s Space Opera Zoo (the intro) and it is taking it relaxed, welcome the new listeners by saying something like ‘take it easy brothers & sisters’ welcome in the Space Opera Zoo.

Next to the welcome there are also other voices to be heard, one of them is very prominent, coming up with important life lessons that we just get for free & no money at all! It is very appreciated until our guru seems to hang and keeps repeating ‘Do Not Despair’ which is a bit like standing in a burning house surrounded by fire while smoking a cigarette; kinda freaky! Luckily this is not some nasty work, this is Space Opera Zoo and to proof it a cool music moment will come in to save us from a potent panic attack.

After the introduction the real sweetness seems to reveal itself already in ‘Imaginary Girlfriend’. It is clear that even though this girlfriend is imaginary it is a rather sweet and girly one. In this time and age with people being offended all over the place it is wise to avoid any reference to gender identifications so let’s say it’s cute, sugary with enough loveable chiptune sound to lick a Popsicle in peace for. Then there is ‘County Fair’ which sounds a bit more timid, still very sweet. It easily goes into ‘Lamotrigine Kisses’ which is even sweeter. If this track was lemonade sold at a lemonade stand instead of music; the lemonade stand would sell out in no time!

Next up within this album is ‘Heart Strings’ which sounds a bit melancholic, with a nice kick to compliment the string-like choir. And ‘Warmed Up Automobiles’ that is ultimately too short for a drive, yet long enough to get a car started. Favorite track on the release ‘We Went Out There’ is taken luckily more precious time, enough to explore a nice sounding manic loop that repeats itself for easy hypnotic purposes. To make the happening even nicer some nice distortion is added, perfectly setting up the mood for a nice little twist in which the music all seems to circulate backwards!

Fireskies is the happy feel good ending of the album, something in which everything becomes cheerful, happy and satisfied. As if we had finished our daily recommended sweetness intake and are now just able to convert it into a happy moment… until a plot twist!
The track transforms into a stomping one, something that sets a scene in which we suddenly are a character in a Mario franchise with a sudden task to save a pixel prince or princess at a next level party!

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