Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun EP

2Artist: Chrystyna Marie
title: Loaded Gun EP
keywords: music, pop, rock, blues, sing & songwriter, adult contemporary
artist website:

Chrystyna Marie’s Loaded Gun EP consists of a hit that needs to be played badly on every known radio station. In fact, I seriously wish Bob Marley’s old manager was here to go around the radio stations with this ‘Loaded Gun EP’ and an actual loaded gun. You know, sometimes those people at these radio stations need some stimulation, and what could be a better one then to choose between playing ‘Loaded Gun’ and share it with billions of listeners, or actually facing the front of an actual loaded gun?

It’s clearly an offer these disc jockeys shouldn’t refuse, as the main song on this EP has all the elements of a rock pop classic. The studio production is sounding top notch, ready to be spread among the masses. Thick sounding drums, a very powerful voice, creating a very full sound that wouldn’t sound out of place among legendary rock and blues pop hits. But there is something important that makes them stand out; the lyrics and empowering music is unlike many others; meaningful.

The first kiss electric & the first sex the best shit’ is probably one of the best lines that my ears had heard inside a song for a long time; Clearly underlining the fact that this EP is probably filled with songs that are written out of real life experiences. The kind of experiences that will speak to anyone who endures, or is enduring difficult relationships, heartbreak, dealing or dealt with cheaters, or other hard moments in which the warm sparkling feeling of love had gone cold and astray.

But Chrystyna Marie’s songs are not those of sadness, she clearly throws in her remarkable strength to inspire others to pack their bags and leave these situations behind, ready to forcefully go and kick some ass! And there is no greater proof that this is exactly what this artist has done then the creation of this actual EP..

Story goes that the singing songwriter Chrystyna Marie had many offers open for support by record labels, but she decided to take it all in her own hands, resulting in full control over her music and content & hearing how this EP stands like a house; it is easily concluded that this was a very successful choice.

Next to the potential hit “Loaded Gun’ the EP consist of ‘Down The Road’ a country blues rocker, the excellent power pop of ‘No More’, and ends with ‘The Tower’ in which she asks the smart question ‘who wears the crown when it all falls down?’.

Even though all the songs on ‘Loaded Gun’ seem to follow a recognizable structure and are clearly properly mixed & produced; the power-house voice and voluptuous sound of the music didnt take away the fact that its clearly coming from a strong willed personality, someone humane who has clearly placed her whole heart into it. The songs are real and  empowering, especially a must hear for when you find yourself sailing in a relation ship that is heading for an iceberg. Crystyna Marie’s ‘Loaded Gun’ will help and inspire to turn the wheel and set sail to better times.

You can buy your Loaded Gun (EP) at the following link:

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  1. Тatsi says:

    Thank you, I like this style of music

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