Keldari Station – Lucky EP

Artist: Keldari Station
title: Lucky EP
keywords: chillout electronic analogue dub spacedub synthpop Denver

I’ve been walking around minding my own business, until my eyes had fallen on a pair of lucky cats waving their paws in a shop window. Slightly distracted I’ll open the door and walk in to conclude I’m in the middle of a pet shop, with materials for cute little kitty cats stocked high into the shelves, the heart represented by a bouncing baseline from excitement generated by seeing all these things for tiny lapdogs in the corner. ‘This must be my lucky day’ I sing along with the lyrics, as my eyes wonder around in order to see all the things that I love, yet have no kitty or micro handbag-dog to fit all these fluffy clothing on. The music plays, the voice sings and ‘I’m seeing things in a different way’ and think in a positive way aligned with the music; maybe today I’ll find that kitty cat! At least I found the music that would suit the moment perfectly!

And if a bit of luck isn’t enough, the single comes in again as a remixed version. This time it’s making rainbows in the sky (a combination of rain and sunshine) and a throbbing beat comes across to make sure the little pet shop experience will turn into a big bag full of stuff & the possibility to come home where a walk-a-way puppy or stray kitty cat will meow or bark in front of the door; after all ‘this could be my lucky day’. Let’s say ‘this could be our lucky day’!

Even the walk home is a nice one, filled with good hope as ‘Earth & Sky’ takes an eye on me for protection. I walk around protected by flying bats that are of course vampires in disguise. I think about arriving home with the goody bag for the pet I have never had, and consider to ask one of these gothic flying creatures to sit on my head and go home with me tonight. I hope it will enjoy wearing pink Chihuahua costumes, play with feathers and is able to eat cat & dog food. I think it will be alright, cause, ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

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2 Responses to Keldari Station – Lucky EP

  1. Thank you so much for your review!! We hope you have a very lucky day!!!

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