ELYA – Glaciers

artist: ELYA
title: Glaciers
keywords: pop acoustic electronica experimental folk Italy
label: La bel netlabel http://www.labelnetlabel.com

This ‘Glaciers’ release is made by ELYA while traveling for one year across the continents. It was recorded and made between Peru, Sardinia and Istanbul. You would think that the work would be gigantic, but the artist kept the impressions nice and compact.

This starts with a melodramatic goodness that is as friendly as it is immersive, as if going passionately for a climb on a mountain for the pretty sights at the top, yet feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole journey. Luckily there is coffee in the backpack, and the top view is bloody well worth it; music wise at least it is!

Istasi is such a joyful work, everything sounds jubilantly melodic and even the twist in the middle of the work, (a moment in which a darker bass had jumped in) seems to be outlived by melodious cuteness.

And it even gets better with the main theme track named ‘Glaciers’ which brings lovingly intelligent electronica to the mix, something with a very cute and sweet line of notes. You can hear the influences of the artist’s travels; clearly having witnessed amazing sights, nice people and a positive look on culture. It’s carefully crafted into something modern and positively inspiring. It’s hard to imagine that with this kind of music playing there will be bad weather outside! Or at least for this part of the release as after this track the songs go an 180 twist into a different zone.

Cordillera Blanca takes it up more up to snowy parts, the music is a bit cooler as if it had slightly cooled down between the hills. It gets expressed through ambient drones that are still slightly wet, yet are already drying up from the possible return of the sun.

Pastoruri is also a floatation of a track, similarly smooth yet much warmer, as if we are sitting like a monkey in the top of a tree with our hairy arms spread to receive the first morning light.

The last track is ‘Changing Immobility’ and goes down the slippery path of shimmering humbleness. Perhaps it’s a moment in which the traveling music and sound maker realizes that the traveling trip had come to an ending, making it a grateful feeling for all that the person had seen, yet a bit of a sour grape that it’s over and time to return home.

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