The special relation between the music of Renée van Trier and the eccentric dancing Herr Warmblüter

artist: Renée van Trier & Herr Warmblüter
keywords: music, video, dance, improvisation, experiment, performance
artist website:

If the eccentric Herr Warmblüter isn’t dancing, poking around with a stick, or secretly going for lonely fun fair rides; he turns into a man who hides in the bushes, there he waits and waits like a statue, hoping that nobody will see him. He doesn’t move, just standing like a tree within the forest surroundings, as if he himself is a tree whose roots are firmly attached to the ground. You could say that he is not a normal every day person and the only thing that can trigger the man into movement is that very specific kind of music. Let’s say it’s his favorite kind of music composed and arranged specially to fit his likings by artist, performer and composer Renée van Trier.

In fact van Trier must be his favorite musician as thanks to her making his private audio medicines he will enjoy no stiff muscles or an aching back from the long endurance of standing still and pretending to be a statue or a tree. Thanks to her soundtracks to his life, the man comes to life, acting like a wild child excluded from the normal day society. He likes his privacy, doesnt seem to be a socialite, and clearly lives a life on his own terms. Once filmed by his favorite audio artist ‘Renée van Trier’ for her (NL, 1983)’Warmblüter) silent documentary, the man fell in love with the specific kind of music by the documentary maker, before secretly moving back into nature. Here is the video that will let you show Herr Warmblüter captured by his favorite artist in the prime of his glory:

When Herr Warmblüter hears his favorite music he comes to life; the blood in his body starts to flow and his muscles become the source for slapstick comedy material. With a stern face he moves around to his favorite rhythm, he dances, grooves, twists his arms, moves his legs in time, shakes his head in utter delight. He feels so much alive! The awkward man is clearly feeling it in his toes & all the way to up to the bits of hair on his head. He can’t resist ‘Renée van Trier’ s sound, even though being incredibly shy; he simply slips into this trance of a dance in which all the muscles are elastic and loose, his mind and body is one with the sound equals a dance performance that is pretty freaky and yet worth plenty of admiration.

Because the sight of an actual swinging Herr Warmblüter is a rare thing, (as he is normally hidden deep in the forest out of view that he hides himself in) it is pretty amazing that they had gathered a group of people in a bird observation post and instead of sporting a typical bird, the group witnessed the eccentric dancing personality from close range in his natural habitat. To be even luckier for us people at home, the whole event (that includes him transforming from a still standing rarity to a ‘walking god of dance’) had all been recorded with the lucky presence of a video camera! It’s a very lucky shot as when Herr Warmblüter disappeared in the depths of nature it will probably take years for him ever to be seen dancing again! Luckily we have a video over here:

If you too feel the music in your bones, or are indentifying yourself with the artful skills of Herr Warmblüter and want to know/hear & see more, its best to check out her website:
or soundcloud:
or indeed the wealth of material over at her official youtube channel:

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