AUOH – automata – digital detox

a1388465634_10Artist: AUOH
title: automata – digital detox
Keywords: experimental electronic improvisational noise soundtrack space rock spacemusic world music Winnipeg

Music from a real world of horrors pops in with ‘real world machine’s bombastic sound that reminds of large dinosaurs rocking out on guitars drenched in distortion. They swing their gigantic tailes in both directions as some of them whip on the floor for extra groove. The sound with its Jurassic volume will make still water in a cup tremble and even fall over. The cluster of sharp crunching teeth of these dinosaur-sounds are inviting, as if you have no choice then bouncing along, pretending you are a dinosaur too in order not to end up as a snack.

The ‘real world machine’ session gets a tiny bit more into the direction that pleases the tinier dinosaurs. Here it feels as if a moment of rhythm is the basis for the prehistoric babies to play and swing their bodies without being crushed by their elders. They drum with their claws in such a playful tightness that it’s as if they had invented the sound of a tumbling washing machine!

Then it’s as if the Dinosaurs had cars and are trying to get them started in ‘Automata’. It doesn’t really seem to work, probably because these vehicles must be made out of stone
& the dinosaurs are probably too heavy and too large to be able to drive. Something which kindly explains why the music comes across a bit dramatic and sad, like the sound of failure, mixed with the urge to keep on trying.

Next up is the sound of intoxicated Dinosaurs, half drunk and stumbling throughout their continent. In the beginning they are all right, they are all carefully stepping around without accidents; but half way through the scenery changes as the gigantic creatures have a hard time standing up; collapsing all over the place, falling over their own legs and claws while a dinosaur of a hangover seems to kick in so hard that we can hear it even outside their heads!

After that the dinosaurs have a hard time waking up in the gigantic mess made by themselves when they had been completely out of it. This is the sound of trash, things being stepped upon, heads being bumped into cave-like roofs, and lots of ignorant rocks that make walking slightly an impossible task.
Probably next time these friendly dinosaurs should have gone a little bit softer on their natural alcohol consumption… although, sound wise (for us at home) it was pretty much worth it.

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