Lawntuba – On Silver Clouds

artist: Lawntuba
title: On Silver Clouds
keywords: alternative art rock experimental pop hard pop indian contemplative pop hard pop independent music party pop pop pop. pulpy pop rock soft pop Mumbai

Lawntuba is covering such a nice bunch of music on their first release. One that is nicely dedicated to the burgeoning buying power of the Bombay middle class, and this is a fact that you can clearly hear in the sound that is rich and friendly. The music was so nice that I went down to Youtube in the hope to find Lawntuba, but unfortunately I only found some alleged tuba players rolling down a hill, and a student marching band playing a horrible concert. Not to ruin my appetite and the good moment that Lawntuba had brought with its music I quickly returned back to the pleasant sounding ‘On Silver Clouds’.

Sometimes we have to just deal with the visual images in our head when dealing with music,
and these images are pretty colorful when listening to the cultural exchange that the Lawntuba brought for us to enjoy. It starts with ‘Running Away’ which is one thing you should do when you are browsing on Youtube and find these tuba players rolling down a lawn, but certainly should not do when listening to this release. Please, do not run away! Plug in, make yourself a cocktail and enjoy the fine sound of classy Mumbai.

I do not know a lot about the place but the music suggest that we are in a nice comfortable exclusive club, perhaps carpets on the walls, red and yellow colors, candlelight, good wine, smoking vaporizers, luxury bonbons, a menu of diversity, a lovely group of warm pleasant people around & above all that; good service. Or at least that’s what the ‘Running Away’ song sketches in my head. It’s a fine place, with lots of quality curry! Just close your eyes and you will feel like being there among the bourgeois of Mumbai; I’m not sure you want to run away from this cozy venue! Perhaps you would run away if a loud Tuba starts to play?

The next stop on this release is ‘Fields are Breathing’, and here it’s as if Lawntuba had escaped India and just went to perform for us in a hazy dream. One dream that seems to consist of tuba-less pop rock music that takes it all easy and slow. Lawntuba carries it away with loving male vocals, great basslines, big rolling drums and cute guitar niftiness. Or perhaps that’s what I’m thinking; perhaps it’s all a dream!

Suddenly Lawntuba presents another side of their sound, one that feels close and humble with handclaps and humming (or mumbling). It’s a very short session, (no tuba included!) but really feels as if we are backstage and actually able to get to know the members of Lawntuba a bit more. They are real people! In fact let me tell you a bit about them; Siddhant Vernekar is the one who writes the lyrics, sings and plays guitar. And Krishna Purohit plays the Guitar, Bass, synth and on top provides the one and only Backing Vocals! Do not ever forget the importance of backing vocals as without it, you’ll have no backup!

After the little informational exchange it’s nice to know that the release will continue with ‘Niah Tells Me’, a very laid-back work in which the Lawntuba people bring a very lovely atmosphere to the pop premises. With lovely harmonics in their vocals, a sweet baseline and rhythm, I can’t really find anything to complain about. But I’m also nervously searching for an out of the blue appearance of a Tuba…

The last song is also warm, kind and tender. The name is ‘Sunlight Surprise’ and is sweet like a lazy afternoon in which chilling in the sun is an activity that sounds close to the feeling that this track gives. It’s a really nice release, minus that I couldn’t find the tuba, which was kind of disappointing. Luckily there was enough material to chill away on a nice comfortable lawn!
Get this pleasant tuba-free album at the following link:

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