Savannah LiveOak – The Dream

Artist Savannah LiveOak
Title: The Dream
keywords: instrumental, cinematic, video, space, ambient,

Savannah LiveOak is apparently (at the time of this posting) a musician of 18 years of age, but hearing her beautiful executed music suggests that she had lived for many light years. She mastered to play the guitar, piano, bass and eventually the drums. I got introduced to her music by hearing a couple of her compositions, one was ‘Resurrect’ which was sounding like an quite impressive, cinematic work that is filled with emotion in a Vivaldi’s the four seasons kind of way, but then without the classical orchestra (and obviously without Vivaldi) and a much more one-on-one homely feel.
My ears also stumbled easily in to her ‘Let there be light’ track, which is a soft composition with nice humble piano and sensible strings that work together in order to ask for a light. I’m very doubtful that this is about a lighter to light a candle or a cigarette, but indeed an actual light in the darkness. The emotional work opens up with nice strings and deep bass, as if she reimagined the act of opening the curtains & window to let a beautiful ray of daylight in. Here again I could hear the Vivaldi influence in the persons work, either by accident or consciously done. Might she be a secret reincarnation or perhaps was Vivaldi an alien spreading knowledge to a new generation? The whole track went in really nice, like a perfect slice of warm glow until she added a beat of unnecessary drum at the end which slightly felt breaking up the magic.

But the real mind blowing bit came actually when discovering the single named ‘The Dream’, which is not only nice as a standalone work, but tremendously overwhelming with an amazing video clip. And yes, we tend to normally put some fancy words into these reviews to make things better than they actually are; but this time I mean it a 100 %! This video clip (made by her brother) is pretty much a stand on its own in the world of video clips and my eyes had gone big from surprise glued to the screen & my ears had been clinched to the speakers: this was not your average video, this is the stuff I would pay money for (would have to empty the sock full of coins!) in order to see it on the big screen of a cinema! It’s the kind of video that actually should be seen and experienced on the big screen as it is immersive!

Let me recommend you to do the following, (cause I’m sure we not all have a luxury cinema at our finger tips) ; switch of (or dim?) the lights, put on the speakers at a good volume, and put the music video for ‘The Dream’ in full screen on the biggest screen that you own and just sit back and enjoy the trip! (you will be too amazed to eat popcorn so just leave that hassle out…)  It’s an immersive flight in outer space, starts of easy and barely moving until it slips in one wonderful sight after another! Absolutely stunning! Check it out at the following link:

For more information, financial support and the other tracks,
be free to check Savannah LiveOak’s website out at the following link:

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