Slave Ships Of Despair – Strong Man

Artist: Slave Ships Of Despair
title: Strong Man
keyword: ice tea

I don’t believe the ‘Slave Ships Of Despair’ are sponsored by farmers union ice coffee, yet this song accompanied with its intense music video drops the name of the product visually and wordily quite a few important times. It seems that the strong man that this song refers to is one that you can’t break down, you can shout at him and repeatedly kick him in the balls & yet he doesn’t even seem to flinch… Unless you touch and spill his farmers union ice coffee; then he breaks down and cries like a weakling ready to be floored and flip.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen or drank farmers’ union ice coffee but hearing this song & video it makes me feel that there must be some dodgy stuff in there; making the man so strong that you can kick him in the balls without any reaction must be a byproduct of some kind of substance abuse. I’ve seen people at raves breaking their legs and flipping their ankles and still raving on like nothing had happened and strongly doubt that they had been drinking farmers’ union ice coffee. But maybe if this stuff was around, and people knew about the painkilling immortal effects it would have been an effective party-hard drink. Until someone spills it, or simply takes it away; creating a a club full of crying losers all desperate for their ice coffee fix.

I don’t know enough about it but in reality it seems that the strong man’s balls are simply sedated by farmers’ union ice coffee & the man is completely dependent on it. Without it he clearly becomes a useless man with clear signs of being unstable, panicky, insensible and irritated. Clearly looking like an ice coffee addict who is in drastic need for his fix.


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