Sound_00 & Lefterna – Collab 15

Artists: Sound_00 & Lefterna
Title: Collab 15
Keywords: ambient abstract ambient electronic dark ambient drone experiemental Kobaš
Label: crnazemljanetlabel

Sound_00 & Lefterna have been collaborating to create something that I would like to describe as a journey of 20 minutes of poisonous fog. It reminded me to my travels to places that had the blue sky replaced by just white and not naturally formed clouds, I remember wanting to walk up a mountain only to be greeted with a sign of warning as it informed that high contamination had been hanging around.

The dense poisonous fog captured on this release however is perfectly safe, not an actual health hazard but more a documentation in poisonous fog progression, sometimes it dives in deep, other times even immersive &overwhelming but it’s always a dense experience. When the fog seemingly does break up a little bit; other human beings could be heard, probably all wandering around pandering with their heads with the question where the blue sky and sun had been lately?

It’s definitely not a sight you’ll find in here, but at least you are not alone in the clouds. Besides once you accept the sky being replaced by such a toxic fog it has something surreal in peaceful form. As if we are in a very large shoebox and can see the entire universe (the roof of the carton) and there is no more stuff behind that, it’s the end of our nifty universe and understanding. That’s a bit how this foggy release works, creating a comfortable zone in which any further sight-seeing or thinking is muted and all you can do is accepting the all absorbing smog in our temporary lives.

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