Jane in Space – Jane in Space

Artist: Jane in Space
title: Jane in Space
format: CD / digital
keywords: alternative, industrial, electronic rock
label: Aion Records http://www.aionrecords.com/
band website: http://www.janeinspace.com/

Jane in Space is an alternative electro-industrial-rock-wave trio from New York.
They consist of the singing voice of Tom Vickers (who is apparently an experienced actor and voice-over artist) producer Jesse Jensen (electronics and guitar) and funky bassist Josh Stillman.


^ meet your future dealers

Together as Jane in Space they are clearly capable of conquering new hearts from music fans wherever they (or their music) pops up: so be warned! It’s not very difficult to understand why, as they have that sound that will speak to a lost generation, to the drunks and the druggies, to exciting ravers and ex-ravers, the goths, the altos and probably to you. Hell, I admit I’m sucked into their sound as if I was a particle of dust and them a gigantic vacuum cleaner: saving me is a mission impossible! Let me explain:

Say Something’ is the first track and most notably, the respectable single chosen to represent the ‘Jane in Space’ tracks on the album. A smart move considering that the song has this prominent addictive bass whose lines are easily taken in line by line (through the ears – mind you!) until a new addiction has formed.

Is this a warning?
-No, it is an encouragement.

But don’t worry too much as being hooked on ‘Say Something’ won’t exactly harm your health, it will just mean that you will be playing this tune on repeat & that it will (like a relationship throughout the years) somehow will take you down eventually. That’s life, and what’s not to love than ending it through the vice of music?

It’s not just the baselines that are effective, the static beat with a clap (with machine gun-like artifacts) are also clearly responsible for making a listener hitting that repeat button like a true music junkie.

Besides these interesting facts the track seems to provide two sides of the music in one; parts are sounding significantly softer, creating space for the vocals and music to showcase a certain emotional fragility, while the other side consists of a much louder volume that seem to rise up automatically, delivering episodes in play-time that are much more potent and powerful.

The singer also states in the song that he is feeling low, losing his mind and falling: Clearly a case of hard devotional times that have been carefully made to good use by turning them into this song. The tune ends up with a spectacular hard ending in which the music erupts like a clever volcano. All these elements within ‘Say Something’ are making it clear that ‘Say Something’ is full ‘something’ to say about. Hearing it is better, though:

Of course being addicted to only the single would make you miss out on the rest of the album, which would be understandable if you didn’t know that the other tracks are even coming down with an even more excellent druggy effect. ‘Dehydred’ is one beautiful track that perfectly gets that vibe of being high out of your mind within the comfort of a thick muddy groove. The sound and rhythm links to memories of being half out of it, moving through the dark alleyways intoxicated on a nice ketamine trail. The singing voice comes to me as a vision of Phil Collins; clearly a sign of music being stronger then drugs! The shuddering feeling of being dehydrated and out of your everyday mind is superbly opened up with memorable melodic moments that will seriously please Depeche mode lovers.


your ‘Jane in Space’ providers are waiting for you

It’s here that I would like to note that for some reason, I really wished that Irvine welsh had heard of Jane in Space as wouldn’t their sound fit perfectly as the soundtrack for the follow up for Trainspotting?

Talking about trains, ‘Jane3’ has this psychedelic bounce going on that feels like something between having an excellent time (and a melted brain) at a spaced out goa-fest, and an excellent midnight train-ride. The beat is pounding; the bass is wobbling in your face, drying your hair by pure force: dance music that never should stop! Who can resist?

Also on the album is ‘Dizzy Head’ a nice little track that sounds a bit more lo-fi then the others. The synthesizer sounds are a bit retro, the melodramatic pop mood takes it easy. But the easiness will be quickly over when the haunting industrial-funk with slight Arabic tones comes in as ‘Weightlessness’. This is a track that has gothic written all over it, everything is dark, mysterious; a great atmosphere with great special effects to add to the magic.

Then another tune that seems to be ready to pump up the heath in the darker catacombs filled up with high cyber goths to dance spastically with feet wrapped in boots or legwarmers. Not sure how the scene is in New York, but hearing ‘Mental Abrasions’ makes me think of Germany and their industrial parties; the kicking beat fits right in, minus that this is next to a danceable track it’s also an actual good song: I bet a rarity at those parties!

The music keeps up the alternative sound that is uncompromisingly dark! But next to the bleakness the track in question ‘Helsinki’ has a tight ticking four by four kick that is a sign for a pounding heartbeat to align with. The vocals are beautiful done here, one of the highlights on the album singing-wise, a perfect match with the impressive heaviness that feels to grow as big as the soundtrack of a Ben-Hur movie: Massive!

Then there is the melodic ‘Spiderwebs’ which sounds more influenced by modern day electronica. Although the nice atmospheric piano bits within that give it the memorable poppy-ness reminds of the eighties. I guess it’s a melt-pot tighten things together.

I really love the emotion captured by Jane In Space in ‘Jane9’ which is a sweet melodic piano bit with haunting humming drone that slightly gives the light side a surreal darker glow. It’s a nice humble moment on this album of killers & gives us a bit of time to breath before enthusiastically going mental about the last track on this joyous album: Feel It Alive!


psst buddy… want to try something new?

Even though ‘Say Something’ is the single, to me personally ‘Feel It Alive’ is the one that made me instantly sign up as a believer in this band. The voice has such a great hook; it easily goes in the head and will stay there even though the music had long stopped playing. It’s the secret hit, perhaps too long for on the radio but if they made a shorter version to poison the ether waves Jane in Space’s space would be filled with addicted listeners.

For everyone who is not easy convinced it’s a blessing that ‘Feel It Alive’ has its own video clip. One that mostly dressed in blue lights, made me think color-wise to the neon lights in public toilets in Amsterdam. The blue light makes it harder for the junkies to see and find their blue veins to place their needle, forcing them to go elsewhere. This video is certainly not to shoot up by, as the visuals are intense and already distorted and trippy as it is. With original lighting effect the face of Jane in Space transforms, multiplies, melts and intensifies until a sky full of toxic clouds turn the session into a happy ending.

Please don’t sue us if you are starting to develop an addiction to the sound of Jane in Space; remember that we warned you from the beginning and that the rest is done by you voluntarily. Get your fix over at the following link:

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