Lux E Tenebris – Cyclizine

Artist: Lux E Tenebris
title: Cyclizine
keywords: electronic idm electronic music electronica experimental electronic female producer footwork idm techno uk footwork United Kingdom
label: Objects Limited

“Lux E Tenebris is the alias of Brighton born Lara Rix-Martin who previously recorded as part of the Heterotic duo on Planet Mu. She started the female identifying and non-binary label Objects Limited.”

I’m not sure which link, which website, or which platform had made me curious enough to check out the Object Limited label, but with a bad internet connection at the time (none of the artwork pictures would load) I had chosen a random album & surprisingly it was one by the actual owner. Without having heard of the duo Heterotic, I feel like I’m able to proceed unbiased and fair & hear what Cyclizine by Object Limited’s boss Lux E Tenebris is all about. (let’s hope so!)

Let me tell you that for the most part this electronica release is coming across as pretty dark. It starts with ‘Jericho’, a track that bombastically sets the atmosphere with dark snarling industrial bites. Lux E Tenebris creates electric debris to dance too in between a heavy pounding kick. It’s the music that fits grey skies, smoke that gets generated by airplane engines covering the view of the sun, and perhaps mystic minimal holy rhythmic rituals.

Next is the moment that ‘The Void’ Consumes in. It is taking a slighter joyful tone (even if it’s just a hint). Think of an audio bed with bouncing beats and ambient decoration that comes across like humbling wordless voices that are humming in the night. The fragment of slight easy going joy flows around in repetitive melody form, it sweetly jumps in and out just for the right amount of pleasure. Think of a vodka shot, it might be small but sure does the deed!

Then the magical number 666 slurps in with a rhythmic hypnosis that feels warm and friendly. It’s as if Lux E Tenebris wipes away the pre-assumption that the number of the beast must sound horrible, dark and full fire. Here she gets rid of the Devil’s image problem by creating a warm pleasant place that nicely shimmers around without any form of real dark torment. It’s more humbling then its anything else. Especially love how it breaks down at the end. (I imagine a happy beast with a content smile on its face; 666 never had looked so good.)

The release continues with ‘These Tangent Beings’ that has a nice bounce in bass-kick, with a wet clap that seems to throw us in deeper into the depth of darkness. This is a place in which smooth ambient-patches are guarding the premises. As guards they are certainly not unpleasant, but still deliver a bit of a cold feeling; it must be the English weather.

The title track (obviously) named Cyclizine comes in as the most pleasant happy friend among the dark works on this release, it sounds cute like a rhythmic robot brushing rhythmically its teeth, that’s how the rhythm goes and flows. On top of this happy moving pastry the artist fills up the space with nice moody synth work, something that is deep and dense but also feeding energy, making the listener hopefully a bit stronger, and the mood a bit brighter (just like the robot’s teeth?), then without this release in their lives.

All in all its a short release, but enough to give a bit of an impression of what Lux E Tenebris can do for you as a electronic-music fan. Tough, minimal, dense with a sense of power exchange at the end; something you can check out over here if this sound like  something you would fancy:

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