{AN} EeL – USA Mini Tour // Lost Cross 30 Reunion // HIPPIES WITH GUNS

artist: {AN} EeL
title: USA Mini Tour // Lost Cross 30 Reunion // HIPPIES WITH GUNS
keywords: experimental noise rock improvised music Toronto

According to the artist’s own profile:
“(AN) EeL is all over the map.
An Experimental Vocalist & Full Bodies Inhabitant of this Colorful universe.”
And this album in question is a document of his latest USA Mini tour.

Manipulated Field Recording # 1, Lost Cross Tour 2016 sounds so fine and crispy, like a fresh salad with sweet and sour milky cream nicely diluted together for an extra smooth audio flavor. Somehow it makes me want to dip cornflakes into it; if only music was breakfast!

{AN} Eel Live @ The Flop House sounds like a cozy live show in which the artist is flapping away with material that isn’t really meant to be music instruments. The sound is like shaking mikado or perhaps a full pack of cards tapping them on a wooden table. As a music backdrop it clearly inspires the artist to speak in a expressional way, molding its voice like a dada poet who lives in the moment, clearly being carried away by the shaking and flapping of whatever our musician had turned into the instruments of the day. The more we go through it, the wilder the improvised expression gets! But not without some sensible middle parts in which we can pick up that our hero is still in control and available on earth, before slowly engaging in sound and spoken vocal madness that feels as enthusiastic as an adorable autistic kid in a candy store.

Would we have rock and roll if there wasn’t {AN} EeL doing its thing? I strongly doubt it because the man is on a roll! On the live track recorded at Laughing Door Clubhouse he asks first those philosophical questions before rolling out a strange sounding expression that feels as if it’s a new invented instrument that hangs between a beer barrel drum and a nervous saw sawing! The sound clearly inspires the artist as he colorfully waves his voice through it like a well-timed time traveler that hears exactly where the music is going in time and space. The voice is intense, flipping out in a super tight way and I’m quite impressed how and where he gets the things from that pop up out of his mouth. It’s definitely an art as trying something like this by yourself at home will probably result in standing in front of a mirror with a mouth full of teeth; let’s leave it to the professional. As only someone professional like {AN} EeL seems to know exactly what he is doing, perfectly orchestrating the session, beating the fork and spoon at the right time like no one else can.

Then it’s time for another project to kick in its live presence in a recorded way. Hippies With Guns’s Hippies With Guns, Pt. 1 is coming across as a psychedelic lo-fi show in which guitar is trapped in a immersive hallway, a gateway to another level of sanity, a cave into the inner depths of thoughts and expression. It’s the music that has slow snarling melodies that will make your head into one purely occupied with the audio roads that Hippies With Guns had pointed out: Cans of brand, a table spoon, muffled riffle shots as the guiding guides hobble along with the immersive guitar sound. They are like hawks with sharp eyes looking down upon us to see if we are ready to be consumed or not.

Perhaps we aren’t available as food but perhaps the live attendees of the gig aren’t around anymore to tell the story. The music becomes more bombastic, more focused on beat and rhythm, creating a certain fun kind of anger. When this starts to become even wilder I feel like I’m somehow pleasantly run over by a gigantic family of wild elephants.

Hippies With Guns, Pt. 2 begins a bit like a calm before a storm, perhaps giving the listeners some time to recover from part 1. A mellow distorted melodic something spreads a lonely folklore among with a rhythm that feels like someone would play on a drum in a boat for rowers to follow. But then it becomes a bit more nastier, the sound of prisoners hacking off their shackles, the banging of iron doors, the mood turns into something that could hype up a detention Center into a escaping riot escalation, however the audience in this recording is either sedated or all eaten alive to join in the madness.

Manipulated Field Recording # 2, Lost Cross Tour 2016 is another work that is coming across nice and cozy, the sound is smooth and warm and yet engaging. Somehow I see it as a machine that turns the cement in order not to turn hard, with some nice artificial manipulations to make sure we will be impressed.

Then a collaboration of Hippies w/ Guns // {AN} EeL’s Hippies w/ Guns Re-Mix ( {AN} EeL Gauge ). It’s coming across as if there is a gigantic whale on stage, crying loudly and humble, as one of the characters is sharpening its knives in the background. Even though loving those gigantic beasts and finding it sad to hear such whaling in distress, somehow it does make curious in the cooking and eating department.

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